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Islanders, Silver Shore

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The name "islander" in context of Silver Shore Island can be seperated to two different meanings.

When speaking of Islanders of Silver Shore Island, term can works as umbrella term to include ethnic Islanders, Druids of Martacorm'hama, Druids of Lokinanda, Scarborn and The Children, but all these groups can also be seperated to different entities from the islanders to form more accurate cultural descriptions.

When speaking of ethnicities however, "islander" refers to natives of the Silver Shore Island that do not belong to more spefic groups of Druids of Martacorm'hama, Druids of Lokinanda, Scarborn and The Children.

Naming Traditions

Family names

As a colorful collection of people of different races, there are several different families connected to islanders. Here are few.  


Rumble, Sackville, Briarrose, Tealeaf  


Jonder, Sealy, Grig, Kraus, Reyne, Truthsurge, Lohani, Kalaw, Kazaf  

Forest gnomes

  Mittle, Gebbregeck, Himpill, Wiebert  

Wood Elves

Leafchaser, Windwhisper, Thunderlight  


Ravenwing, Covenvale  

Dragonborn Clans

Khelersh, Cerxil, Ilxoc, Tiaraad  


Traxar, Sirxus  




Major language groups and dialects

While big part of islanders speak common, there are other languages that have wide spread use. Gnomish is staggeringly common.

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