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Cityguard of Moon Terrace

The city of Moon Terrace is often treated as the unofficial capital of the Silver Shore Island, as it is the home of the Governor of Silver Shores and the largest harbour on it, and as such, the security of the city is something not to take lightly. The most promising of soldiers in the Dragonborn Guard are approved under the governor Grong Khelersh's turf, under guard captain Gragir Thermer's watchful eye.


Cityguard of Moon Terrace works most closely under Governor Grong Khelersh's eye, but is officially lead and managed by the Guard Captain Gragir Thermer.

Guards are further broken in to Guard Squads, lead by squad leaders. Purposes for these squads vary from a more hands-on approach to crime fighting to mundane paperwork, depending on the skillset of the group.


While many find the rule of Aradace Tharur far more permissive than one of Empire of Islenor which used to rule the area, the Dragonborn Guard is looked with certain suspicion, especially the Cityguard functioning in Moon Terrace. Where the purges once made by the officials of Islenor are now gone, laws of Aradace Tharur are many times strange and needlessly brutal for many.

Most of the actions of the guard are rather inoffensive; searching down criminals, breaking brawls, fighting monsters, interrogating suspicious individuals and making sure the city stays undisturbed during the brief curfew. However, cutting the hands of thieves that have been caught more than once, hanging criminals publicly and the overall brutal atmosphere has made the guard effective of causing fear, but not respect.

Public Agenda

Purpose of the city guard is to take care of the safety of Moon Bay area, though the bulk of the guard functions in the city of Moon Terrace. Guard takes care of the safety of civilians, acts punishments upon the criminals and make sure that the city doesn't act against the requests coming from the Aradace Tharur, which currently holds power over the area.


Creation time of the Cityguard in Moon Terrace is somewhat hard to discern, mostly due to lack of common consensus what exactly was the point where an organisation truly counts as a city guard.

During the construction of the city, Moon Terrace was defended by the troops sent by dwarven investors from Stone Halls with some mercenary troops. As the City Council of Moon Terrace was formed as a seperate entity no longer under the direct influence of the Stone Hall Council, council started with the funding of investors to gather around militia for the guarding duties. This arrangement was largely tied to investors and ununited in practices.

The real, professional guard did come to existence after the take over of Empire of Islenor after year 3550 AoS by the order of the Emperor Alathar Thelirme the Fair. This guard was managed by islenorian officials, and included both islenorian citizens with local loyalists for the Empire.

As the War of Scale and Arrow broke, troops from Aradace Tharur were sent to the Silver Shore Island, lead by the general Iriek Maxil. She allied herself with the Moonstalkers-rebellion group and Aradace Tharur took over the city of Moon Terrace in the Battle of Moon Terrace in the Battle of Moon Terrace in 19th of Jul, 4024 AoS. During the war, city was simply defended by the soldiers that occupied it, until after the war the island became part of Aradace Tharur and clan Khelersh was put on charge of the area, lead by general Grong Khelersh.

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