Otkuwayash (oʊtkuːwɑːjɑːʃ)

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People of otkuwayash is a cultural group among the orcs of North Velkas, know from their unique outlook that starkly contrasts the traditional orcish outlook. Born out of frusturation of violent traditions of orcs in Nukh Rotum and Hildheim, otkuwayash offer more peaceful and diplomatic approach to life.

Otkuwayash are mostly nomadic, though some live in small, remote communities around Nukh Rotum and Hildheim, however some have also integrated on the area areas of Vilender and Miral.


Major language groups and dialects

As primarly formed from orcs, otkuwayashs mostly speak Daraktan, though certain members of the communities are know to speak Common, Giant, Ghukliak and Druidic.

Culture and cultural heritage

Instead of battling one another, otkuwayashs often put more emphasis on hunting, non-contact sports, art and mastery. They make great effort to emphasise community, balance, harmony with the surrounding world and connecting with spiritual. Instead of orc gods, otkuwayash tend to worship spirits and gods of nature, similarly to Drui.

Shared customary codes and values

The warrior culture of the orcs is not something easily shaken, thus otkuwayashs have not completely discarded all the remnants of it. Instead, members of otkuwayash communities are far more interested in self-betterment and using their strength to building communities instead of conquering them.

Otkuwayashs appreciate the art of strengthening their bodies but do this more as a spiritual exercise. Similarly, otkuwayashs appreciate a passion for learning a craft and bettering oneself in a wide range of tasks, which other orc groups would find shameful or low standing.

Compared to other orc groups, otkuwayashs are less likely to get aggressive when unprovoked, and do not mind sharing their lands with people outside their own clans. Unlike in most orc communities, otkuwayash women are allowed to wield weapons, even when this still isn't ideal. Women tend to have a more equal position to men overall, and magic is far less frowned upon.

Common Dress code

Most recognisable feature of otkuwayashs are their large tattoos, often consisting of geometric patterns. They are far more detailed than most orcish body art, coupled with ear and nose piercings made from bone and wood. Dreadlocks are far more common on otkuwayashs than other groups of orcs.

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3 Aug, 2020 15:00

I really like the sound of these guys. :) I like that their culture was created out of frustration of the violent culture of mainstream orcs.

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