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Very few places are safe for the poor tiefling, one of the hybrid humanoid races that roams Melyria. Tieflings are born when a bloodline is touched by fiendish influence, and this influence can sometimes be hidden for generations. Often their form is immidiately considered as an ill omen, and tiefling child might get abadoned or even killed due to their striking appearance and terrifying ancestry.

But sometimes tieflings get lucky, and they are born to enviroment that either tolerates or appriciates their unique form, and they have a chance to drive and become great things. Sadly, many tieflings don't ever meet another one of their kind, unless they have been born or found their way to one of the few sanctuaries they can find their own place with great adversity.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

Reasons for a humanoid to get a tiefling baby are multiple. Most commonly this is because of a contract or connection that one of the tieflings parents or ancestors have made, that have permanently left some fiendish taint to the bloodline. Other, far less common is were a humanoid is turned in to tiefling by a fiendish force; in this case person is not born as a tiefling but turned in to one later in life.

In most rarest of cases, the tiefling has a fiendish parent or grandparent, usually trough a half-fiend, aka Cambion. Since most fiends do not actually multiply sexually unlike humanoids, it requires a bit more hoops to jump through and does not happen very often and it must have some sort of benefit to the fiend.

Technically any non-undead, non-construct humanoid can be born as a tiefling, that will most closely resemble the humanoid parent(s), with possibility to display a unique skin tone different to their parents. So tiefling might, despite the horns and tail, also look like an elf, dwarf, human, tabaxi - really any species as their parent is. As far as getting children are concerned, tieflings are still likely to get children of the same species as their parents, though likelyhood of tiefling children is always possible, specially if both of the parents happen to be tieflings.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

All tieflings have an ability to see well in the dark, though everything will appear in hues of red. Sometimes this capability can be enhancement or handicap, depending the extrasensory capabilities of the parent.

Some tieflings can also have sense of divine things or creatures around them, which can manifest in nausea or discomfort in the first contact. This does not however, appear in all tieflings and can vary in severety.

Humanoids, fiends
Depends on the parent species
Average Height
Depends on the parent species
Average Weight
Depends on the parent species
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Quick generate character

Need an NPC or a character idea? This is a quick and dirty way to make character ideas in seconds.

About tiefling: As tiefling is a hybrid race, it is possible in the world of Melyria that they have very curious ancestry. This generator considers that your tiefling is human born, but if you wish to have them mix with another race, feel free to use other race's chart. Age and common features from height to weight come from whichever you choose to use as a base. With elves, tiefling would look and age like a half-elf.


Quick generate - Alignment

Roll the Dice
1Lawful Good
2Lawful Neutral
3Lawful Evil
4Neutral Good
6Neutral Evil
7Chaotic Good
8Chaotic Neutral
9Chaotic Evil

Quick generate - Gender

Roll the Dice

Human - Age

Roll the Dice
18-24Young adult
41-60Middle aged

Species specific


Here are height charts for male and female. Notice that "very short" and "very tall" are beyond average height scope. Feel to push size beyond these measurements, if required.


To calculate estimate weight, take height in metres (height in cm / 100), and count height_in_metres*height_in_metres*weight_modifier.   Modifiers found from the chart below.

Height Table, Male (cm) - Humans, hobgoblins, tabaxi and similar

Roll the Dice
150-158Very short
190-197Very tall

Height Table, Female (cm) - Humans, hobgoblins, tabaxi and similar

Roll the Dice
140-147Very short
177-184Very tall

Weight Modifier - Group H

Roll the Dice
16.9(or lower) Frail
30(or above) Heavy


Tony wants to create a human that is 173 cm tall and little beefy. Tony chooses weight modifier 26 from the chart.   So, Tony's human weighs: 1.73*1.73*26 = 78 kg
  Note: weight modifiers use old BMI as a starting point, to have some reference to human weight. After that numbers have been slightly tweaked to fit the purpose. Naturally, this makes selection lacking and somewhat inaccurate, but for simplicity sakes, this hopefully works for a fast generation.


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