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Crystalline Towers

of Numen Hoop University


Crystalline Towers are a massive building in shape of branching crystal stands amidst the streets of Numen Hoop. It has seen better days and requires extra maintenance, but still, it is glorious to look at. It currently works as the headquarters of the Numen Hoop University, that is still trying to get their footing in the surrounding community.

Purpose / Function

The fasignating building was originally built with two purposes on mind: to function as the headquarters of the branch of Royal Academy of Knowledge of Tel'Taurn Tal in the Silver Shore Island, as well as to stand as symbol of power and excellence, reminder for the locals of the rule of the Empire of Islenor. It functioned as a reasearch center, school of higher learning and as one of the pillars of order in the Island.

After the Silver Shore Island became the part of Aradace Tharur, however, the Crystalline Towers were abandoned. The current staff of Numen Hoop University attempt to reclaim the building to be a reasearch center and the school of higher learning once more, yet the past relation to powers that were are complicating these matters to degree.


As almost ridicilous show of craftmanship, the Crystalline Towers are made to replicate the naturally occuring crystal, looking like a mixture of ametyst and smoky quartz. When the windows are closed, the structure really appears like a giant crystalline structure, as the Windows from afar seem to reflect light in manner that creates the illusion.

From the inside, despite the rather strange shape of the walls, the building shows quite tradition, airy Islenorian architecture. The details are very polished, railings of the staris and the wooden door are elegant and ceilings are high. Some of the rooms have unusual shapes, and the strange structure of the building gives it quite whimsical feel.


Originally, building was made as a research center working under Royal Academy of Knowledge of Tel'Taurn Tal, but after Aradace Tharur took Silver Shore Island to itself, building ended up empty. It was later repurposed for the Numen Hoop University and is now slowly being repaired.

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Crystal Towers, Numen Hoop University
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