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In middle of otherwise hospitable Silver Shore Island the great swamp of Lokinanda pushes out undead horrors. This unwelcoming place is home for very few settlements, but on the thick of it, there is secretive settlement of Ravenvein.   Ravenvein, by its population, would count as a simple large village, but that is not what you see. In the middle of the swamp of death, fortress rises, with thick outer walls and at least two inner walls, making the maze that is Ravenvein. It's shadow springs out of the swamp, looming over everything around it, cold and unmoving.   Villagers of this strange place, calling themselves the murder, keep to themselves. But occasionally you hear about them worshiping their strange goddess Raven Queen.
  Sometimes one of the murder might approach a curious traveler or druid from nearby tribes, take them to aside, and tell them about their goddess. And sometimes, without a sound, those people they spoke to may enter the fortress-village, sometimes never to be seen again. No one knows what happens to them for sure, but there is enough evidence to suggest this is part of the religion's joining process.   Why so, secretive? Outsiders can only guess. But since these people seem to worship some kind of goddess of death, implications are quite chilling.


Most of the population of Ravenvein are elves, both wood elf and drow as well as mixes between the two subraces. However, some humans and tieflings have found their way to the fortress-village, bearing some half-elf offspring.


Settlement is ruled by the Sect of Ravenward, and guarded by the Ravenward itself. Sect informs pretty much all the happening in the fortress-village and keeps the population in silent, zealous spirit.


The three walls are thick and tall, surrounded with defensible towers that menacingly stand from the walls. The village itself feels like a slithering maze, where the few people living there navigate effortlessly, but lucky traveler allowed inside will feel dizzy and disoriented. Villagers are well armed and cautious. Moat follows around the outermost wall.

Industry & Trade

When dealing with one another, villagers don't seem to use any money if they use anything at all. There seems to be some system of shared land, food, and items. However, occasionally, villagers trade food, furs, bones, and weapons with outsiders, or protect their caravans for goods.


Compared to other villages, towns and cities of Silver Shore Island, Ravenvein is most inhospitable and secretive. The road goes past the settlement, yet few are let in, and even then, they barely see what the village has to offer. Villagers keep the road in good shape; buildings are strong and easily defensible.   Little land that has been able to turn to agricultural use is used up, and hunters fetch prey and wild plants outside of the wall. Buildings are near the wall, with smithy and houses. Inside the innermost wall, the temple is heard to be situated, and there a courtyard. But outsiders have to know the place to see it nor to know what is going on there.   The single inn stands close to the gates, and it is furthest that most outsiders can ever hope to come to the strange village. Strange looks will follow any stranger that is allowed to set foot inside the wall.

Alternative Name(s)
Nest of Murder, Village of Hunters, Raven Fortress
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Inhabitant Demonym
Murder of Ravenvein
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"Ravenvein? Oh, let me tell you that place gives me the creeps... I just give wheat to the murder and let them go to their merry way. Weird ones, those are..."
— Merol Stoutstool
a farmer from Fungiglen

Credit where credit is due!

Melyria's DnD setting takes things from the lore of different DnD settings. While researching Raven Queen, Shadowfell, and the like, I took inspiration out of Mordekainen's Tome of Foes, Forgotten Realms Wiki, D&D 4e Wiki and the marvelous video essay from AJ Pickett.

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