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Matron Council of Netehdrez


If there is one thing that matrons of Netehdrez take particular pride from, it is their great devotion to protect the holy city of Zaetron Derraz and stand as the guardian of their believes. As the War of Scale and Arrow is now behind them, they have also started to become more important in the island wide commerce.


Matron Council of Netehdrez is a regional council part of the Great Matron Council of Silver Shore. All the decisions of the council are reviewed by the Mother of Shadows.

Inner workings of a Matron Council

Matron Councils work as a regional governing body in their respective cities and areas associated under the city's influence. Members are the respective heads of their house or family members, the head of the house (almost exclusively the family Matron) has assigned to this task.

To get summoned to Matron Council, the house matron must have enough influence in the area to qualify in, and ideally, have a backing of at least one already existing Council member. Things that qualify as a measure of influence include things like reputation, wealth, connections, supporters in the Council, number of family members living in the area and their success, educational background, and any possible other contributions to the society. The same influence also measures the weight of their votes. In this system, the house must be middle class or stronger to matter, and often the amount of their votes isn't too significant.

Same House can have a representative in both of the cities in Mori'tarna, but in local decisions, only the influence family has in the city they vote in count towards the weight of their vote. When voting for full Great Matron Council of Silver Shore is required, all votes in both cities are tallied to get decision.

Matron Councils mostly share the most important topics and their decisions with full Matron Council, but specific issues are specified to Small Councils that then present their case of the rest of the Matron Council.

Public Agenda

As a regional council, Matron Council of Netehdrez first and foremost is deciding on local issues, trying to make their already beautiful city to flourish even further.

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