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Law enforcer

Law enforcement is a serious business and vital part of any well-functioning society. That said, it can be unjustly underappreciated as well as badly misused. Without the vigilance of brave men and women that patrol the streets of their home towns, tirelessly, petty criminals and outlaws would easily cause havoc beyond repair.

Most commonly part of the city guard, law enforcers keep the streets clean with best of their ability, protect citizens and solve crimes. They might also serve a local ruler or even the citizens directly, depending on the circumstance. Sometimes law enforcement is considered a part of military on areas and cultures which have a more militaristic streak.



Law enforcers are often chosen among skilled youngster with the ability to hold a weapon, but they might as well be former soldiers or desperate drafts, depending on the area. In some areas, military and law enforcement have a minimal distinction between one another. That said, in most cases, position in law enforcement is considered lower than military rank, making the enforcement duty much easier to obtain.

Unless the situation is desperate or area particularly remote, the law enforcement is required to have at least decent physical condition and flawless or at least somewhat clean criminal record. References are often required to ensure that the person does not cause more trouble than they are worth.

In most rural areas, Law enforcers are chosen from volunteers. On these cases, enthusiasm matters more than actual skill. Locals might be ready to change the law enforcer's services to money or food.

Career Progression

When compensated by civilians, law enforcer has just a few hoops to jump; people need to trust them to do their job. Yet after there isn't much, they can do to advance such a career. However, in especially big cities, getting into law enforcement can greatly improve a commoner's ability to rise in ranks. Especially more militaristic cultures can find fine soldiers among the guards if there is even distinction. This can help them to climb on not only on the social ladder but get better jobs inside the law enforcement itself. This means more money and prestige, and maybe, on one day, even the title of Guard Captain.

Payment & Reimbursement

A typical towns guard gets from 5 to 15 gold pieces in a week, depending on their training, position, and requirements, as well as where they are posted and how good of a job they are doing. Special training and well-made work can affect the payment among other factors. In areas where law enforcement is more of volunteer work, locals might prefer to pay in good instead of money.

Other Benefits

Guards often get their equipment from their employer. Well-serving law enforcer can also win the love of the people they protect. Because of the nature of the job, law enforcers are allowed to carry weapons everywhere and exercise authority, though miss use of said authority can turn in to trouble.


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