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Elithera Moondancer

Princess Elithera Moondancer

Elithera is younger sister of prophet Miazall Moondancer, and mostly known from that fact alone by the public. But there is a lot more to the younger sister than just her family. Elithera is a feisty and brash young lady but deeply devoted to her family. As much as she sometimes gets irritated by her older sister, she loves her greatly and protects her fiercely from any real or perceived harm.

Ever since their mother died, Elithera has grown a more rebelious and frusturated edge. She has been pushed further behind her sister while her sister has been gone stressed to the bone, and this irritates her greatly and her reactions to it have been varied and not always productive.

Elithera is still looking for her place in the family, but has found a passion for blacksmithing. Who knows what the future holds for her.

In game, Patch & Shade briefly saw Elithera during Lady Lara Stoneskull's birthday party.

Izil'daerryn Frozenheart has tried to get along with Elithera since coming to Kyorlin Ssussun, and has so far done a decent job, even if Elithera gets occationally suspicious of him. He did, however, help Elithera's sister Miazall and helped Elithera meet a young Lyme Frostspire, so for now, Elithera is satisfied. Currently, Izil'daerryn is attempting to become as her tutor as well in matters of sorcery.

Physical Description

Body Features

Young Elithera is a tall female drow, who may be still growing to her full height. She has silvery white hair she brushes but rarely does really put particularly nicely and silver eyes with a sharp gaze. She tends to dres up quite practically considering her station, though is very able to perform her role in public, even if she mostly wouldn't really want to bother.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Nathafayna Moondancer's second born, Elithera was born 16th of Jun, 3985 AoS. She was greatly expected addition to the family, and her older sister Miazall was instantly smitten with her. Family would later find that Elithera had also inherited the family's divine sorcery, yet in far weaker and more balanced from than her sister, who was constantly struggling with her own.

Elithera would grow in a awkward position, right in the shadow of her more sparkly, sweet yet volatile sister, while simultaniously being loved and cherished by the same sister, making Elithera have both competitive and protective relationship with her, which became even trickier after the murder of their mother in 4045 AoS.


Family Ties

Elithera is a 2nd child and 2nd daughter of Nathafayna Moondancer and her husband Rylraen, as well as younger sister of Miazall Moondancer. She is very close to her great aunt's daughter Laellay, who is about the same age as her.


Elithera Moondancer

Younger sister

Towards Miazall Moondancer


Miazall Moondancer

Older sister

Towards Elithera Moondancer


Rylraen Moondancer


Towards Elithera Moondancer


Elithera Moondancer

Daughter, 2nd born

Towards Rylraen Moondancer


Nathafayna Moondancer


Towards Elithera Moondancer


Elithera Moondancer

Daughter, 2nd child

Towards Nathafayna Moondancer


Current Location
Date of Birth
16th of Jun
Year of Birth
3985 AoS 62 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Under the full moon
Miazall Moondancer (Older sister)
Silvery white
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale Blue
178 cm (Tall)
63 kg (average)
Aligned Organization

Character Portrait image: Elithera Moondancer by Portrait Workshop


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