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Drow Great House

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Moondancers are old drow family, the come from llothian family Torafin'arlyl. They are blessed prophets of Eilistraee, and founded of the Faith of Children of The Dancer. Now spiritual leaders of their sect, they are part of the Great Houses of Zaetron Derraz and works as the city's monarchs, watching over the Matron Council of Zaetron Derraz and all the small councils.

"An'ar's ssinssrigg silara ssussun ulu elendarin isto."
"Dancer's love brings light to enduring night."

Geopolitical, Great house
Alternative Names
Torafin'arlyl (old llothian name)
Family Leader
Parent Organization
Controlled Territories
Related Ethnicities
Typical family traits
Blue skin, silver eyes, white/silvery hair


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