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The Scythe

The Scythe is a holy order mostly consisting of paladins as well as few clerics and mages, all devoted to Elebrin Liothiel, the elven god of the harvest. Members of the organisation are easily recognized by the ornate warscythes they employ in battle, which has become the name sake of the order.

The order has the most prominent presence in the Lands of the Summer Fields, but they do have some power all around the Empire of Islenor.

Public Agenda

The Scythe is a holy order most concerned by the safety and success of common people and leans heavily on the aspects of abundance, harvest and prosperity that Elebrin Liothiel is told to bring. They are known to fight for innocent and those unable to protect themselves. Unlike some other holy orders that might bear Elebrin Liothiel's blessings, The Scythe is not particularly concerned to get wealth for itself, but giving it to the people they serve, occasionally making them stand in the way of the wealthy and the powerful.

The organisation is also famous for its vault of dangerous tomes and objects that the members have gathered from dubious sources to keep them out of the hands of those that might use them to cause harm to others.


Birth of The Scythe has been tied to the unfortunate downfall of the Ralonsalor dynasty, even though the order itself wasn't originally Islenorian, but one born in Kingdom of Elradaith, that used to stand around the areas now know as Arrn Haera and Laran Liris, middle of the modern Islenor.

King Elnoril Ralonsalor of the Kingdom of Islenor was known from his bad temper and greed, and became rather infamous of the raids he sent to terrorize the merchants and farmers near the borders of his kingdom. These talented mercenaries, hired by King Elnoril, terrorized communities in the guise of common bandits, burning and pillaging small farm communities and travellers to make people of the Kingdom of Elradaith far more dependent on the neighbouring Kingdom of Islenor. While this betrayal was long suspected, there was not enough evidence to damn King Elnoril's actions, and the Queen of Elradaith felt like her hands were tied against the political and military prowess of their neighbour.

The answer to the blight of the commonfolk became in the form of fierce paladins, that in the name of Elebrin Liothiel started to protect the farmers and travellers from the false bandits. Equipped with Warscythes, to symbolize the people they were protecting, this group of paladins became beloved by the people and received the queen's blessings.

As King Elnoril stepped down from his throne, and his son King Leolar Ralonsalor rised to his place, the rebellion group headded by the Luzeiros Venramoir unearthed and offered the people of the Kingdom of Elradaith all the evidence they required for King Elnoril's crimes, and paladins of The Scythe joined Luzeiros and his troops to usurp the throne from King Leolar. With help of the Scythe, Luzeiros would become the new Ruler of Islenor, and the Scythe received the gratitude of the Islenorian crown.

The Scythe did not become Islenorian order before the time of the Thelirme dynasty. Kingdom of Elradaith started to falther under it's own political issues, and after The Cracking, Kingdom ended up in half. Northern half would become part of Islenor under negotiations with King Caelathel Thelirme, who took the holy order under his wing with open arms around the year 341 AoS. The Scythe was divided in two, until the rest of the Kingdom of Elradaith merge into islenor in 1127 AoS.

On modern-day Islenor, the Scythe has lost some of its prominences on northern and middle-Islenor, but has become widely influential on the south, especially in the Lands of the Summer Fields.

Founding Date
Between 6713 and 6724 AoP (estimation)
Religious, Holy Order
Parent Organization
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