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Glass Palace

Seat of the Ruler of Islenor

Glass Palace is seat of power or Emperor of Islenor, and it can be found in Tel'Taurn Tal, capital of Empire of Islenor. It has housed kings and queens, even before the rise of the Empire, and is magnificent piece of Elven architecture.


Before the reign of Queen Nirine Venramoir, king's seat in Tel'Taurn Tal stood in Stag's Watch castle. Queen Nirine, however, found Stag's Watch insufficient to its current task. Expanding Stag's Watch had been talked about on several occasions, but so far, these plans had never been put to action.

Tel'taurn Tal had grown since the building of Stag's Watch and now included the highest point of the hill the city stands on. Nirine ordered to level the previously lone hilltop and bought the properties next to it. The new palace was built directly on top of this hill so that the whole city could be viewed from its towers.

During the building process, it became apparent that such a large structure would cause heavy shadows on the city, and Nirine was not pleased with this. With her court mages, they devised the plan, that included placing reflecting crystals onto the walls of the palace towers, and infusing them with illusory magic. In this way, the structure would appear as see-through, only its silhouette appearing to the sky, but not blocking the sun. Structure, now know as Glass Palace, has since become the most recognizable landmark of Tel'Taurn Tal.


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