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Stag's Watch


Once the Stag's Watch housed the first of the Kings of Islenor, and some of that former glory can still be sensed from its age-old walls. However, the times have changed and the Glass Palace has taken its place as the seat of rulers.

But the story on Stag's Watch is not over, oh no, as it has gotten a new life. Today the Stag's Watch functions as the headquarters for the Cityguard of Tel'Taurn Tal and hosts many important events for the citizens.

Purpose / Function

The main purpose of the Stag's Watch these days is to function as the headquarters for the Cityguard of Tel'Taurn Tal and as a dungeon for the criminals of the nearby areas. In the castle, also the city council meets and other events are held, as well as the court of law has their sessions here, unless the act of crime is so grave, that the presence of the emperor is required.


The first sections of the Stag's Watch were laid in the times of King Vasandor Ralonsalor the 1st, and the castle was expanded by his children and grandchildren. By the time of the last few generations of the Ralonsalor dynasty, the castle was already told to be a bit small to its purpose, and renovations were talked about.

However, as the crown moved from Ralonsalor dynasty to King Luzeiros Venramoir, so did the Stag's Watch change owners. Luzeiros's successor Queen Nirine Venramoir took upon herself to build a new seat for the throne, near the Stag's Watch. Stag's Watch remained as a part of the royal residence for a long time, but the court started slowly funtion more and more in the new building, known as the Glass Palace.

Already during the last parts of Queen Nirine's reign the cityguard started to move in to the Stag's Watch. As time went on, their presence became more and more prominent, and today, Stag's Watch is mainly seen as part of the guard and not as a Royal seat.

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