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High elven family


Venramoir is one of the noble old families of Empire of Islenor. One of the branches of the family were ones rulers of Islenor, and current branch rules over Duchy of Sel Menelmen, having their seat in the city of Liath Therlan.

Name origin

The exact origin of the name is lost; it might be without any particular meaning, but there are some theories.

Some speculate the original form of the name could have been "Enrahmiir," with "en" ("autumn"), "rah" ("beast"), and "miir" ("great blessing from a divine source"). Considering that the family has a prominence of red hair in their family, and they come from the forested areas of Islenor, it's entirely possible that the family once had druidic roots or a protector spirit in their history, which would explain the name. The prominence of beasts in Venramoir symbolics through ages would further support this, like the Crag cat in their family emblem.

Another theory reminds about the family's connections to Sehanine Moonbow. With several divinators that have been part of the family in the past, it is possible the name has a connection to the elven word "venishu" meaning counselor, confidant, vizier, and advisor.

Character flag image: Crest of the Venramoir by Heraldry Artist


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