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Blaze Pop

Known as the most hideous drink in the history of mortals, consuming Blaze Pop is often something you only attempt once. Made by the cultists of the Sandseers, Blaze Pop is a alcoholic beaverage used to make one join the eye of a sandstorm, something the Wastelanders consider crucial to truly master the cruel desert of the The Wild Wastes, and only way to become part of the Sandseers. Made from several ingredients including the Wax Stinger Juice, the drink will sent the one consumed it to halusinations and terrible trance, and is guaranteed to make them sick. For the locals though, it is simply a way to waken up to a higher knowledge.

Reputation of the drink is known way beyond the Wastes in neighbouring areas, though mostly as legend; due to being so foul, it is rare anyone would actually bring some with them beyond the Wastes.


Something like Blaze Pop is never consumed without a ritual involved, as the elixir is sacred for the Sandseers. The one who wish to consume the beaverage either to join the Sandseers or simply experience the awakening the Blaze Pop provides is brought to the Sandseer elder, who will pour the drink to a clay vessel, chanting to the Spirit of the Sands, and then putting the drink on fire.

After the flames have settled in to a low, blueish-surface on the drink, drink is consumed. After this, the participant will experience the pain of the flames, taste of the Blaze Pop and will be filled with visions or halusinations, depending of whom you ask. In order to truly be considered to gone throught the rite and thus transcended to higher knowledge, you must consume all of the liquid, and survive.

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1 Aug, 2022 21:48

I love the opening sentence to this article. Wonderful writing. The difference between visions or hallucinations shows how various groups may view the drink.

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