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Erdokaals are a group of mainly human cultures that is believed to have been born somewhere in eastern Thandar and later spread in the south Umeros.


Word "erdokaal" is Draconic and means roughly "my two-legs/humanoids". Name is believed by scholars to be a remnant from the darker time, where erdokaals were slave race for the (mostly) chromatic dragons. Dragons were cruel masters, and together with the deadly nature the erdokaal people lived surrounded with, this cruelty transferred to their customs, believes and dark magic, which is usually the first thing the outsiders whisper of them.

This is not strictly true: while many erdokaal cultures have indeed more permissive views on cruelty, slavery, learning dark arts and prone to utilitarianism, erdokaals are also known to put a lot of value on skills, intellect, scientific pursuits, arts and medicine, and erdokaals include the possibly most knowledgable human cultures as far it is the matter on arcane arts. Those who think the cultures sprung of erdokaals as savages are very misinformed and ignorant to their own detriment.

Besides several human cultures, according to Islenorian and Dorulin scholars, it is very likely that Tharurian Dragonborn are also originate from this culture-family.

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