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Known as Strixiki in draconic, dragonborn are reptilian humanoids resembling their draconic ancestors.

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects

As dragon-blooded creatures, draconic language comes naturally to the dragonborn. Many dragonborn have also learned to speak of common tongue, as it helps the nomadic clans to interrafct with their enviroment.


Among the tharurian dragonborn, commonly believed myth about their ancestry is that they were born out of Asgorath's blood, together with Tiamat & Bahamut. However, old text of dwarfs and elves contest this notion.   What is known, is that dragonborn most likely created as a slave race for the chromatic dragons, around -10,000 TbS. The exact process is unknown, but this might have been achieved with selective breeding among humanoids, dragons, and half-dragons with magic involved. This might have been an idea that brew from the powerful mages among chromatic dragons. The suggestion is supported by the fact that most dragonborn are chromatic, not metallic.   While dragonborn themselves might not want to believe to be created by their former slavers, historians agree that it was the mistreatment of dragonborn that played a part in Fall of Titans and loss of power that dragons would later suffer. It's regarded that metallic dragons helped to free the enslaved dragonborn in their efforts to beat their chromatic brethren.   Most dragonborns of Melyria are nomadic but on the continent of Umeros Tharurian dragonborn have managed to arrange their clans under Overlord of Aradace Tharur.
Scientific Name
Average Height
Male: 178 cm to 211 cm
Female: 182 cm to 217 cm
Average Weight
Male: 90 kg to 122 kg
Female: 94 kg to 130 kg
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Black, blue, brass, bronze, copper, gold, green, red, silver & white
Related Ethnicities
Related Myths
Credit where credit is due
This article has used reference from Player's Handbook of DnD 5e and Forgotten Realms wiki, but the details have been modified, edited and reconstructed to fit the setting

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Dragonborn - Age

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15-20Young adult
41-60Middle aged


Below you find tables to help determine your character's basic physique.


Here you can find the height chart(s) for the species. Notice that "very short" and "very tall" are beyond average height scope. Feel free to push size beyond these measurements, if required. Heights are loosely based on the official DnD lore, rulebooks and other material, but might have been altered drastically.


Below you find the weight modifiers for the species to calculate the estimated weight. The numbers are based on DnD lore, rulebooks and other material, and edited for added variation and changed to something that resembles a BMI (wouldn't recommend using them as a health guide though). On the side, you have a calculator to figure out the weight.


Dragonborn - Height Table, Male (cm)

Roll the Dice
169-177Very short
212-220Very tall

Dragonborn - Height Table, Female (cm)

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172-181Very short
218-226Very tall

Weight Modifier - Group D

Roll the Dice
19.9(or lower) Frail
36(or above) Heavy

Extra Descriptor

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1Healthy / Pretty / Inviting
2Sickly / Weak / Meek
3Fit / Active / Strong
4Regal / Vigorous / Controlled
5Hunched / Tense / Fidgety


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