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"After the Chaos of the The Wild Wastes, the dunes of Jubar have an almost calming quality to them; this harsh land is scorching and cruel, yet beyond the desert, you can find the lush jungles, fertile soil and the riches hidden to the earth. People are as feisty as the land itself, bright too. You don't want to mess with them."
— Alber Gravelmouth
dwarven traveller

Region of Jubar, home of the sultanate of the same name, is at the southernmost parts of the continent of Umeros. Legends tell how once the area was one of the largest and most massive empire to date, but after The Cracking most of the fertile ground turned to the desert of The Wild Wastes. With desert, savannas and jungles, the area is both gorgeous and deadly.


Jubar is right at the equator, with the northernmost point at about 12° N, where the southernmost point goes to about 10° S. Area is halved by the Dorul Peaks from the eastern edge, these mountains separate the Sufaq Coast from the rest of the continent. Sufaq is considered to be part of Jubar, but this is often contested both politically and geographicly.

In the north, Jubar is considered to end to the Shattered Canyon, though some villages have been set on the side of The Wild Wastes, at the east are the Dorul Peaks. At west there is the Treacherous Ocean and in the south the Southern Waters.

The Dorul Peaks work as a rainshadow that dries the land from the western side of the mountains, which is further worsened by the volatile wild magic zones of The Wild Wastes and the Scarback Ridge on the north. Thius makes the deserts continue far and wide, before breaking to grasslands and finally to jungles on the western side.


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