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"No one in their right mind comes to The Wild Wastes if they can avoid it, lad.
Certainly, all that choose to stay here are at least little bit mad."

— Old Wastelander to a fresh face

One might be tempted to state that you cannot just lump together all the people that live in certain area and call them as one people - but that is indeed how many do with the Wastelanders and surprisingly, it does make a little bit of sense. Due to the unforgiving enviroment the live in, wastelanders have actually built themselves ragtag society that one could argue has, indeed, their own distinct culture and customs.

Wastelanders are people living in and around The Wild Wastes in the continent of Umeros. Originating from vagabonds, exiled criminals and seekers of freedom, magic and treasure, wastelanders are colorful and dangerous bunch, often titled as savages by their neighbors.

Forming their own strange cliques and strange customs, wastelanders have built their own, anarchistic society, strange and bewildering for the outsiders.


Shared customary codes and values

More than anything, wastelanders appriciate freedom and power, often taking "the might makes right"-attitude. What makes them most disturbing to their neighbours though, is lack of power structures and the disinterest that wasteladers have to people in positions of power that come outside of their own ranks.

That said, wastelanders take in anyone who proves themselves to them, despite their origin and appearance. They do not put their nose to other people's business, and hold on to their desire to pursue for anthing they wish, no matter how much a taboo it is for the outsiders. For a good amount of them, though, that desire is no more complicated than living their lives as comfortably as they can in this enviroment.

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