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Isefjeller (/iːsɛfjœllɛr/)

Giants of Northern Umeros


This article was inspired by the SummerCamp 2021 prompt "an ethnicity whose cultural exports are highly sought after"

Back in the Age of the Skylords, mighty nation of giants, Isefjell ruled over the nothern side of Umeros, and isefjeller ruled supreme over the humanoids. But the wars between the giants and the dragons made the legendary nation crumble, and now only ruins and stragglers remain in the land now claimed by humans and high elves.

But in the days of their power, Isefjell was the most powerful nation among the locals,m and to this day, their ruins and craftmanship are appreciated, their relics wanted far and wide. The current generations of Isefjellers might live without the glory of the past, but their pride has never been taken from them.


Major language groups and dialects

As a nation of giants, the isefjellers speak jotun. The Umerosi dialect of the jotun is know to sound quite melodic, and the writings (or their pieces) that remain of the times of Isefjell are intricated and highly fasinating for the local linguists. This is partially because current generations of isefjellers are mostly illiterate.

Culture and cultural heritage

Giants are known as the greatest crafters of all mortals, and inventors of item enchanting as well as runes, even if the runes have later been more associated with the dwarfs. This makes all the remaining texts and relics immensely valuable to both isefjellers and humanoids alike.

Isefjellers used to have a rich and advanced culture that dominated the area for generations. Those up in the society were highly knowledgable, writing a lot of interesting literature and gathering lore, crafting massive buildings and unbelievable pieces of art. Isefjellers of today do their best to either find and protect their lost heirlooms, but sometimes sell them away for humanoids. Humanoids now living in the area of the lost kingdom of Isefjell keep gathering the scraps to learn from, and any piece they found can be sold for ridiculous amounts of coin. Smugglers and forgers, as well as scholars and researchers around the world, are very interested in the Isefjell's legacy.

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