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Age of the Skylords

The 2nd Era


Age of the Skylords is the name used from an era in which giants and dragons were the dominant species ruling the material plane. This era was defined by the planes of existence now being entirely separate, and deities retreating to Outer Planes, where they guide the mortals in the prime material plane.

Giants and dragons where the most powerful of the creations of the deities, and took over the world, humanoids often worshiping them as god-like beings, and serving them as their leaders. Some humanoid races like elves and dwarfs were in more equal footings with these Skylords of the world due their natural talents, but even they needed to bow to them. Elves were said more often to align with dragons, were Dwarfs were likely to ally themselves with the giants. The name "Skylords" came from the dragon's ability to fly, as well as the floating cities the Giants build to their nobility.

Dragons and giants did not particularly like one another, and ended up in war often. As time past they also seemed to lose power and size, and in the end, the era is known as Fall of the Titans began, and eventually, the Skylords were no more. Dragons and giants of to day are mere shadows from what they once were.

Previous Era
Age of Dawn
Generic article | Apr 24, 2021

Age of Dawn is the term used from the times that Melyria was created and the time that Deities and Primordials fought of the rulership of the world.

Next Era
Fall of the Titans
Generic article | Apr 24, 2021

Fall of the Titans is the name used from the transition period between the Age of the Skylords and Age of Prosperity. It lasted somewhere between 1,000 to 2,500 years, in which the rule of dragons and Giants collapsed.


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