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Isefjell (/Iːsɛfjœll/)

Fallen Kingdom

Isefjell was a great kingdom of Giants, that fell due to the wars with dragons somewhere in the end of Age of the Skylords. It was a mighty nation, that was ruled from a floating mountain, that used to reside around the White Peaks, Lands of the Spring Rise and Freynia. Some of the mountains on the area still have a strange shape, which in legends is caused by the original flouting mountains crashing to the ground.


Once Isefjell was the most powerful nation in Umeros, lead by the rule of Storm Giants and Cloud Giants, with devastating Frost Giant generals. Most of the writings left on this period are made believed to be written by Cloud Giants or Rock Giants, giving quite limited perspective to the previous greatness of the area.

It is estimated that these ancient isefjellers were well learned and rich, and the names they gave to the land and the stories they told are still affecting the humanoids of northern Umeros. Even name Islenor is believed to be originally writen as "Iselenor", word "ise" coming from the jotun word from "ice" which still remains alive and well in some other place names.

Ancient Isefjellers built several monuments and fast cities, some of them still standing or their ruins used as the foundation for buildings and cities of the current humanoid residents of the area. Some of the most impressive remnants of the lost land are the nearly 10 metres (32"10') tall statues of giant warriors, a few of them still standing strong.

Several of the once majestic monuments have now become defaced-ruins, many showing signs that they were taken over by dragons. This is unfortunate for the modern-day archaeologists, as dragons tend to leave very little behind from the previous residences.

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"Ice mountain"
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