Night of the Twilight Rider


During the month of Octar islenorians gather to celebrate the Night of the Twilight Rider, celebration dedicated to god of starlight, the Twilight Rider Araleth Letheranil. This celebration is popular in all corners of Empire of Islenor, and considered the perfect time to be reading stars, as The Shaft of Light is seen bright in the sky.


According to a legend, the practice got started during a great famine, when people turned to look the aid of The Seldarine, and Araleth Letheranil came to the aid of the people by writing messages to the night sky to aid them through a harsh winter. Since it became a custom to dedicate of night during the fall to the Twilight Rider as a sign of appriciation.


Merriment starts at sunset and continues to the night. Good food from fresh harvest, music and festival games are performed to light up the mood and to make sure that the Twilight Rider will arrive at the celebration, and in a good mood. All manner of fortune-telling is a popular pastime during the Night of the Twilight Rider.

As the twilight approaches, fire is lit on the bottom of a large cauldron, and participants will feed the flames with their requests and prayers for their gods, to aid them in their endeavours and to bless the upcoming winter.

The ash of the burned notes is left on a white cloth into a high place, where the wind will blow the ash to the air and the Twilight Rider will take those wishes to Arvandor, to be heard by The Seldarine.

After this, the night quiets down to rituals of folk magic, as the participants ask for revelations from the Twilight Rider will take those wishes to Arvandor. Participants turn to see the constellation of The Shaft of Light and pray to see glimpses to things to come or otherwise unknown, answers to questions that trouble them and aid to choose their path. One should be careful what truths they ask for, as Araleth Letheranil never lies, and truth can sometimes hurt; if the Twilight Rider decides to answer your plea, you should be ready to hear their answer, whatever may it be.


Festivities are usually arranged by small communities like cities or villages, but some prefer to celebrate privately. Celebration is enjoyed by both commoners and the nobility alike.


The celebration is held in the month of Octar, but has not a specific date attached to it. Usually, the celebration is had after the New moon, before the moon is full, dating it usually to the first 2 weeks of the month. The date is often chosen by communities, like cities or villages, by trying to figure out a day when the sky would be clear enough to gaze upon to The Shaft of Light. With celebration relating to stars, the presence of the stars is far more important than a specific date or day of a week.

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