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Kingdom of Ravero

The largest and wealthiest of all countries, Ravero is a kingdom that lines the western coast and large parts of the western-central plains of Telamirein.

Foreign Relations

The relations to the other two powers in Telamerein are strained. The Theocracy of Nilari and Minrans is the closest and bordering to Ravero with the fertile Minrans as a contested ground between them. Several wars have started over the control of them but also for the trade hub of Relaniia which by Nilaminra is seen as close to a holy city in some circles of the priestesshood for its relation to the first Nini. Also, conflicts have arisen due to population migrations from Orfordhwelm during their conquests and relocation of peoples, which tries to get to Ravero instead of staying in Nilaminra. With the second strongest nation, Orfordhwelm, there have been many conflicts. Due to the warlike nature of the Orfordians, Ravero and Orfordhwelm have had many conflicts between them, especially since Ravero has protected many smaller nations that have surrounded Orfordhwelm over the centuries. One such nation, Leonerd, was fiercely protected by Ravero's king Hernhutt II during the revolution and the final invasion of Leonerd which left the royal family of the latter to flee into exile in Ravero, where their descendants remain after 550 years. The hostile relation between Ravero and Orfordhwelm has been one which usually determined by the Orfordian king's policy towards conquest but also his attitude in The United Kings Council and how much they support it. Ravero has seen Orfordhwelm as the strongest hindrance towards a final war and the defeat of Nekuram. In mentioning Nekuram, its relation to Ravero has been hostile. Being de facto closest to Nekuram, with only the Dwarven kingdom in-between, Ravero had a strong focus on defending against the demons and the war for Marlun. This was up until the dwarfs became neutral and Nekuram respected that, becoming the nation that was since then furthest from the war. Although, Ravero has probably beside Nilaminra sent most forces over the 1000 years of war between them. Ravero has over the years become more interested and neutral towards the demons themselves beside the war-torn relations the species of humans and demons have. Ravero has a client/alliance state relations to the Kingdom of Telaron. Ravero has protected the country for many years after the latter lost in a war that left the capital city of Telahem ravaged. Since then, the relationship is mutual and Ravero considers them not a vassal or client state according to policy, but Nilaminra and Orfordhwelm, both having tried to take Telaron and its territory, sees it otherwise...
Founding Date
713 V.D
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Leader Title
Head of State
Head of Government
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Mixed economy
The Lavir is the international coin and currency of Nimenra. Those made by the Renvarens use the King's/Queen's head on one side and their choice of weapon the other. Coinage is mostly concentrated on trade in cities while there is still bartering system mainly in the north and the countryside.
Legislative Body
The kingdom is compared to the other nations of humanity, strange in its own sense. The King of Ravero has the absolute power to make and create laws at his biding. However, this is not a complete truth. As the kingdom of Ravero is a constitutional monarchy, laws have to be reasonable in some way to the estates and nobility in the kingdom, as they wield the power to disobey their king, and revolt... That is why the king is more likely to seek advice from his council and others in his court to create laws.
Judicial Body
Ravero has its own court system where it is divided into firstly three subcategories and then four ranks. The three subcategories are, "de facto law", "de rhynur law" and "de facto commerce". As intended they are three bodies that take care of different laws and different law systems, the "de facto law" acts and interprets the laws of Ravero in all sorts of affairs except in business and the religious sects and other religious parts. "De rhynur law, called after the diety and God Rhyn, is a council of appointed religious figures that interprets laws in accordance with religion but hold close to no power outside of that. "De facto commerce" acts with commerce and business in mind but due to merchants and travellers coming in from other countries and nations, it is the bodies assignment to interpret laws that handle affairs of trade, commerce and to have a continued understanding of other systems of commercial law in Nimenra, even Nekuram's system.
Official Languages
Controlled Territories
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