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Fenrik Klovhernsman

Captain/Commdore Fenrik Klovhernsman

Fenrik Klovhernsman... he is the one who might have ushered a new age for Nimenra... or the downfall of the whole continent.
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
Fenrik Klovhernsman is an exceptional man not only for his name but also for the discoveries that he has done in the service of the King of Ravero. He is the first captain to have successfully returned from the west with news of new land, a new people and new discoveries beyond the Great Sea. Unlike any predecessor, he has also not the same fear of travelling the Great Sea, priding himself on his discoveries and his navigation ability. He is, however, controversial within court and in general for his Orfordian roots. Disipte this, he carries himself with a strong back and a determined eye for adventure beyond Nimenra, only waiting for the right opportunity to sail once again back to the new continent.


It is a long story, one that I can tell you, but others remember some of my feats better than I do, or so they think!
— Fenrik Klovhernsman

Young age and out into the ocean

Already as I was young, you cloud say... I wanted away from this place.
— Fenrik Klovhernsman
Fenrik Klovhernsman was born in 2499 in Orfordwhelm to a young mother and an older father. He has remained enclosed on the matter but on occasions talked about how he was related to a boatbuilder near Vieavon and spent on occasions summers on ferries transporting goods up and down the river but only within Orfordwhelm's borders. This was because the boatbuilder and his mother did not want him to go into the Forest of Telamirein, even if he did so anyway, but was caught every time. His father is the most private matter but he has told several versions of who he was, from a lower noble to a highly praised local champion. Whatever the case, his father died when he was young and he was left alone with his mother.
Fenrik in his young 20s moved westwards to see the actual ocean that he had only heard of. He also did not like the culture he grew up in, having to prove himself time and time again was not a favourite pastime of his, unlike his peers it seems. By the time he had reached Lake Merluni, he was stuck to the waters, owning his own boat by the age of 25 and later moving on a few years later to the Kingdom of Ravero. While he was always "under the gaze" as a foreigner by the locals, he settled down not far from the capital in the grand bay. His reputation sored once he did a adventure to trade pelts with Jorvikans up in Jorvemland with a small crew, returning with pelts, ore and cultural artifacts from the bitter north and without anyone being harmed. His natural charisma is said to be the biggest reason for this.
The Jorvikans were not hostile people once you got across that you could do little harm to them and was there willingly with goods they wanted. They were, if not more, interested in the goods than to take us as slaves in the hopes that we might come back. That exchange I had with what I believe to be the chief was one of the best fights, and best drinking games, I ever have had... Not that I recommend anyone to do such a thing!
— Fenrik Klovhernsman

The First Expedition

By the time he was 33 had grown tired by the same coast but he was approached by king Wallis Lionhiron's envoy. Having already a reputation as a great navigator Fenrik was asked by the king to be captain over a newly-formed fleet and find themselves a way to Nekuram for the future events of war, but also other business. This expedition had been a debated one by both the council and assembly in Ravero. First of all was the costs but also the choice of leader, since no captain did not want to take on the task. Former expeditions, official and unofficial, had all been failures, many of which had unknown fates attached to them. But new technologies like Triangular Sailing and new ocean-going vessels made new expeditions possible, only with the right people to lead it. With a reputation that had reached even the king, Fenrik was given the opportunity despite protests because of his foreign origin. The Kingdom of Ravero gave Fenrik two ships which were newly built with the expedition in mind and he set sail.
I believe they must have thought that I took everything and left, but my words are like the dwarfs; Strong, never-bending and truthfully! I promised to return and return I did, after five years... well, it took the time that was needed!
— Fenrik Klovhernsman
Klovhernsman's expedition sailed away and was gone for five years. During the early years, the crew and himself found little of worth; some islands were uninhabited with food and water for them to survive an extra year, they might also have found some fates of former expeditions and monsters, sea monsters that they had not been preapared for to face but which haste evaded somehow... More importantly Flovhernsman discovered that they had serverly fallen off course due to his own and his navigator's adventourus spirit to look beyond the shores. They were heading westward with the ocean currents and hoped for the best to find back on course. It was this that lead to the greatest discovery of the current age: contact with people beyond the Great Sea.
Current Status
Stationed in Ravero's capital
Date of Birth
Spring 2499
Year of Birth
2499 V.D. 44 Years old
Dark, open
Dark, long hair styled into going over his ears but kept away from his eyes
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Strong sun-kissed sking with a white-orange tint skin
1,92 meters
100 kg
Aligned Organization

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Author's Notes

This captain is far from finished, I will return during summer camp (or not) to write more but for now I will leave you on a cliffhanger.

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