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Ehnvar, the Braveheart Axe, is the long axe to the royal family of Kingdom of Ravero. The weapon has a legendary reputation as a weapon with a long history back to the formation of the kingdom and the legendary man Valen when he wandered Nimenra. As a weapon, it has seen more battle then many other weapons of its time and never have it broken since it's creation.
As a ceremonial piece, it has seen and been placed in the hands of more royalty then any known living being.


The axe has mostly been seen as a ceremonial piece to the kings of Ravero due to the weapon has an age of over 2500 years. It is used in the crowing of a new king towards the end of the crowning ceremony, being given by another member of the family (older, mostly a brother or uncle to the late king) if able, otherwise theĀ  knighted man-at-arms closest to the late king that is capable of carrying the axe is chosen.
Still, it has been used as a weapon by every king in many duels and on the battlefield as an item for symbolizing the monarchy and the country according to records of history. The current king, [Wallis Lionhiron used it during the uprising in a small village in the north of Ravero.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Owning Organization
25 kilograms
2,6 meters
Raw materials & Components
The axe seems like it is made out of iron but as metallurgists have studied the weapon it seems like an unknown combination of Durilir and another unknown metal. The head is easy to sharpen and durable, having lasted several millennials, it is believed that once upon a time a dwarven or possibly divine smith created the weapon for some special use. The long bar of the same compound has seen battle after battle with scares all over it and still holds all of the weight that is the axe's head.

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