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Gregory Sacreo

What we face is an enemy that is far from ordinary and who is much more intelligent than any of us. We need him.
— Gregory Sacreo
Among the nobility and officers of the The United Kings Council's army, there are many different lines of experience. Sherm Frust who is The Marshal of The United Council is among few with such experience in warfare and tactics. His second in command, however, do not lack experience. Gregory Sacreo is a veteran of war like his commander and friend Sherm Frust. Sacreo is a colonel in the army of Ravero with scars to prove his worth in both battle and tactical mindset. He stands tall and rigid against all his enemies but is not one to act rashly or let emotions flare during battle. He also follows the advice of the more experienced or other known betters than himself. He, like Frust, leads with authority through his experience and kingship with his troops, although is outshined in many ways by Frust from the laters fame and position.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Gregory is tall and stands straight with his back held high. While age has begun to show itself on him, he still holds his own in battle like his fellow soldiers. He is strong enough to do most of the work in a camp and gladly does so to quicken any procedures with his hands on action.

Identifying Characteristics

Sacreo bears a three-centimetre scar below his eye, going downwards to his chin. Where he gained it is unclear. He also bears a proud moustache that always is well kept even during battle somehow.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Gregory Armand Sacreo was born into the noble Sacreo family. His father was the lord of a smaller barony in Ravero close to the border of Nilaminra and he spent most of his youth there. Sacreo was sent to the military academy in the capital at the age of fifteen where he also enlisted into the army as an officer. At the academy, he was thought the basics of leadership and tactics, something he would have a kind of affinity with. Among his peers, he was also the mildest mannered but could be angered if one wanted to. With time Sacreo would graduate and be assigned a lower-ranking officer's post in the provincial army to the north where many raids from Jorvikans kept him busy. It was at this time he met with Sherm Frust who was leading the efforts against a new organised threat from the Jorvikans.
Sacreo would seek to become Frust's attaché in time for dealing with a provocation by Nilaminra and later participate in battles against Orfordwhelm. Sacreo's own fame rose when he lead his own skirmish and came out on top of the enemies with close to no losses in the army. His continued efforts in this conflict eventually lead to him being given the rank of colonel in the army, amongst the highest ranks below leading one's own army.
When The War for Marlun was rekindeled by Arthon Sacreo had just settled down for a year taking a leave from the army. He joined the Renvaren forces of The Council of Four Kings' Army with Frust and King Wallis Lionhiron himself to lead the efforts against Nekuram in Marlun. While he and Frust was defeated in the First battle of Valdenwhik with the rest of the forces, Sacreo and Frust did face Arthon's army with effort. When the Heroine Amy arrived and turned the war in their favor in one battle, Sacreo was impressed by the young girl. What lied before them all after the battle and as they approached Glarn was yet to come...
Current Status
Fighting in the Third Battle of Glarn
Current Location
Year of Birth
2497 V.D. 46 Years old
Dark Blue
Short cut, greying brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
White, sunburned
1,81 m
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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