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Worldkeymaster Progress Report

Worldkeymaster, also known as A of Worldkeymaster.
You are welcome to explore Nimenra, a world in conflict between Humans and Demons.
My summer camp articles and half-finished pledge document: Summer Camp 2022

Red Hallowed

1189 words

Lake Merluni

1009 words

The Dwarven Kingdom

1787 words


915 words

Gregory Sacreo

847 words

Fortification Advancments

929 words

Bathing and Nudity in Nimenra

845 words

Worldkeymaster Progress so far

10206 words 102.06% completed!

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Welcome to Worldkeymaster. I am A, one of the two who uses the name Worldkeymaster. So, I am A or you can call me Worldkeymaster here. I am an on-and-off writer.
Before joining WorldAnvil, I had written about 10 complete drafts of books around 200-300 pages with a variety of worlds. At the moment, I am writing a new novel in the world Nimenra, which while on hold is enrichened with characters and articles about the world from time to time. I am from Sweden and started writing some articles in Swedish but have since moved over with English so all can read, will eventually/maybe/I think go over to translate into Swedish, eventually. This is why {English} is in front of many titles for now so I and the reader know which ones are Swedish and English.
I write mostly fantasy, which has been also called relationship novels as those have mainly taken place in a school. I have also written some Star Wars fan-fiction in English in my own alternative Star Wars universe.

Favorite Movies

The Star Wars Saga. I do however have no favourite among them I think.

Favorite TV Series

Star Wars the Clone Wars and The Mandalorian Anime: My Hero Academia and Yu-Shibu.

Favorite Books

Star Wars: Thrawn series (You see a pattern yet?)

Favorite Writers

To be completely honest, I don't read too much... so no favorites at this moment!

Favorite Games

Dynasty Warriors series (except nine, let's not talk about DW9...)

Latest Loved work

Caste Systems in Worldbuilding: Crafting Compelling Social Structures


The Sannian kidnapping announcement


Dandan's Dragon Store

Influence of the Shards