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The Dragons of Nimenra

Stories of huge, flying and fire breathing creatures. One can wonder if they ever have existed on Nimenra. Stories and legends of ages have their fair share of them, even the Demons have tales of these close to fantastical creatures. But thought remains in my mind; if they existed, where did they go? Or rather... what threat made them disappear?
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
Stories of the large, fire breathing Dragons are common around Nimenra amongst both Humans and Demons. Heroes have fought these beasts to the death, some more successful than others and locations of their lairs or places of defeat bear names of them. What is of note is that these stories that are told to children and adults alike can leave speculations as to where they originated. After all, the only creature closely resembling a dragon in the sky would be Gravlocks but they are too recognizable for being mistaken. So is the large six-legged Arroggaden in Galdurmia and they can't even fly... Then there are those who have claimed to see them, speaking of being lost in the vast mountain ranges or finding dark, sprawling caves that hide the glimmering-eyed creature. Do the stories tell real tales about this huge flying creature?

Fear and greed

Dragons are mostly intelligent creatures in the stories told by parents to their children. They can be cunning, sly and greedy with hoards of gold and silver to their name. These dragons are what heroes fight against to save areas from the evils that the dragon cause if any. Sometimes the evil is not mentioned, but that would be a hard story to tell. There are a few tales that the dragons are used by humans against other humans, similar to how Gryphons are ridden by the great Telar Gryphon Knights. What is strange about these tales, however, is that no one really talks about them in public. It is almost taboo-like for a human to ride or battle with a dragon under their command.
On the other side of Nimenra, Demons have many similar tales from what has been heard. There are some key differences in these tales. Children stories have heroes either kill a greedy dragon who people fear or seek out a dragon for them to find aid against some greater evil. Dragons also have the ability to the form of demons to fight side-by-side with demons of all kinds. While this ability only occurs in three versions, one of them is a tale of an actual event in history from a time long ago. While the varieties of creatures of Narzuvim are dangerous, none except the Arroggaden and the mythical Dragonphoneix reach the same threats as dragons seem to present.
What most connects these tales are greed and fear, but that should be seen as natural since dragons are formidable in any story, fierce fighters which have scales and bones almost impenetrable. The scales and bones are often time also rewards that the heroes of stories are granted in the end, beyond the loot and fame of course.

Legend or reality?

Then there are the claims that dragons are very much real, that they are shapeshifters, dormant or obscured in nature. The claims are mostly from old people or travellers, many demons bring these tales from Nekuram that their great-great-grandfather or great-great-uncle fought dragons. No bone or scales, since such legends tale of their special properties, have ever been found or if they are, people might deny it as creations for the Gods or other, more actual real creatures like the Arroggaden that fit the description, except the wings and flying part.
What should be noted, however, is that legends can be reality to some. The Gods do walk amongst Nimenra's people at times, so why would a large beast such as dragons be impossible? Schoolers do have the point that a large creature that can fly and launch fire would be a danger to all, such danger that they would dominate large reaches of lands. It would make ruling a country a harder challenge than it already is. The size of the creature would also draw attention to it and thus it is pointed out that it would be frequently seen, or hunted.
Whatmore are the locations like Drakken's Deirold that is left abandoned and with mysterious past. Its Roar of the Hills strikes fear to everyone and the locals stay away from the once-mighty fortress and hill. They leave offerings, fearing that the dragons and the Keeper of Drakk will return one day to the fortress. It is these locations that still makes schoolers curious about the tales and myths surrounding dragons. The once-forgotten still lies with secrets that perhaps one day might share them, for the betterment of worse?

Perhaps Nimenra forgets what once was true... What line do they draw between myth and history, for things might lie forgotten, only to be revealed later
— MM


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