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What can hide in the lands of Marlun? Only life can tell...
— MM
There are many small communities dotted in the eastern parts of Marlun that continue their day to day lives without the concern of war that can be so close by. These villages have survived for centuries due to that eastern Marlun usually is spared from warfare. They also have, like Glarn, a mixture of stances towards Humans and Demons.
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248 (23 Dwarves, 54 Demons, 171 Humans)
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The Village Divided by Two Rivers

Cleaveriver is a small hamlet located in the east on both sides of the river Gwern. The village has been here for close to 150 years, founded originally another 20 years back by Demons. The village has since been a farming and fishing community that lived its daily lives away from the governing powers of Glarn. It is said that some that live today in the village have fled Glarn for reasons they keep to themselves. A small group of dwarves settled 35 years ago outside the walls and set up a large blacksmith that creates most of the tools for the community. Evidently, they don't have a representative on the council yet but still wants one due to their services for the village.
Lately, however, the Dwarves are not the only ones that are outside the walls. Not too long ago, rumours started that a great treasure had been found in a cave close to the community. This flocked numerous people to the area but none have turned up any treasure or truth to the rumours despite their searches. That is except for the one person who came back talking about a dragon they had encountered. The person disappeared shortly afterwards, wanting nothing of the treasure and calling it cursed for what hunted it. Treasures-searchers have since begun to look more carefully around the area, many are leaving too, for even if dragons are legends, you can not be too careful after all...

Residents of Cleaveriver

The community have always had the tale of hidden treasures in the hills outside of town but none of them has taken it too seriously. Instead, they now fear that it might be true and that it might draw attention from the warring factions in The War for Marlun.
Agnes Stoneriser, a women of Orfordsmen's decent was pleased by the attention the community got by the rumours. She sold weaves to the outsiders before the much dire threat of dragons appeared. She knew of the tales but believed little of it. Now she wants nothing to do with the outsiders, wanting her husband, Wulf Stoneriser, to make the community stop trading and working with them. Wulf is of the same opinion in the matter but takes much more care for what they should do since the outsiders also offer protection against other threats (and dragons if it exists...).
On the other side is the hunter Greymane Scarbrand, a Demon whose family have lived for a very long time in the area. He has roomed the hills all his life and never seen or heard of a creature the size of a dragon, except for a Gravlock or two but most of them are no more than two to three meters in length. Greymane thinks it is more to the story of a "dragon" in this case, even openly suggesting that it might be someone in the village trying to hide something in the hills themselves. He has not gained any serious attention to the accusation nor to his will to hunt said "dragon".
The third important person in the community is its current mayor, Lucan Mane. While he doesn't like the attention that the community has received, it also has had a lot of positives. Trade has flowed their way more than ever and information about Glarn and the rest of Nimenra is shared. While suspicious of Demons in general, he has his concern about the warfare being drawn closer and closer towards them. The fact stands that a dragon would benefit any side of the conflict and draw The United Kings Council's eyes in the current situation. This is also why the matter at hand must be dealt with, especially since the outsiders more and more want to spend the night inside the walls and distress on both sides of the wall begin to heighten.

Cleaveriver Map

Cleaveriver is a small village located along the river Gwern. The map depicts the community during the early stages of spring 2543 during The War for Marlun.

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