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Färur Thunderhorn (/Feəruʳ/ /θʌndə(r)hɔːn/)

I have made it my mission to help others, regardless of a person's heritage and wealth. Even if they are Human, I will not turn them away.
— Färur Thunderhorn
There are few Tatarus that travel outside of Nekuram. Those who have done so have experienced hardship at home which makes them unwilling to return. Färur is different. He made his choice to travel to Marlun to aid others and explore the vast region in the hopes to help others and also find new ways to do so. An excellent herbologist and a Sheerf, he tries everyday to strive to make others' lives better and explore the new world he has entered.


Early life

I don't see the need to go too far back in all honesty. But I will tell you the start at least...
Färur was born to the tribe of Thunderhorn close to the Stuic hill in the Tarus Plains. Even from the start, he found a fondness for flowers and early started to focus on gathering herbs and plants with his fellow Tatarus. At the age of 15, he met his first Sheerf, an old Necur man named Ullim. He took notice of Färur's already developing herbology skills as he sorted his plants into categories of usefulness to his tribe. He easily learned the recipes that Ullim also showed him to make sedatives and balms for varying kinds. With the parents' permission, Ullim took the Tatarus to tutor him and they started to travel.
I remember Ullim with great fondness. I was young and had one of the best teachers to tell me how to create the most helpful things for all.

Life as a Sheerf

Färur and Ullim's shared life continued at the headquarters of the Sheerfs in the Tarus Plain's unofficial capital of Dwyfoll. Ullim would take Färur out on expeditions far into the east to find flowers, herbs and trees with much-needed leaves and roots for their mixtures. He would eventually also visit Halls of the Aiders in the capital of Nekuram, seeing how the organisation was able to do much good for the many. It was also here Ullim would become sick, having travelled for too long at the age of 73. Telling Färur he had taught him everything he could, he passed away from a hard-cured cold. At the time, Färfur was 36, having known Ullim as a father figure for more than half his life.

Death is a... tragic part of nature. I watch on as no one was able to do anything for Ullim as his time had come. I personally carried his body to the crematorium and looked on as they ignited the flames that carried him with the winds.
After Ullim's death, Färur kept practising his medical duties for much of his time around central and southern Nekuram, always traveling like his mentor did. He would note that Tatarus were rare to be made Sheerfs, so he took pride to represent his kin as one of them.

A change in the winds

In 2536 changes began to appear around Färur. Nekuram was dealing with the death of the chancellor and Regent of Nekuram and an ill king. The Nekurith Council started to make new decisions in preparation for what would eventually lead to the reignition of The War for Marlun. Färur also saw suffering closer to him. It was hard on him with his duties as a Sheerf, having to be paid by people who had little to nothing in order to access his abilities. He made the life-changing decision to travel farther north than he had ever been, to Unsirgea and Fenhergea, the gates to Marlun.
Stepping outside of the gates, he found a strange, oddly silent land compared to Nekuram. Villages were few and far away from each other. Towns were much, much rarer as he one day walked into The Three City-states, surrounded by Humans and Demons who looked strangely at him. His kind was few in Marlun and he soon noticed the looks were not friendly, they were frightened and avoiding.
I don't blame anyone for the first two years when I was not welcome anywhere. It took me four years before I met another Tatarus who was a traveller like me. Unlike me, however, he was an "adventurer", seeking to aid with a sword or force. I frowned upon him but I also have not seen any other work for my kin, for we are avoided and seen much more like wild beasts than any other race.
Wherever he is still able, he aids and heals others, those who dare to seek and approach him. As Färur continuously travels on his new mission to help others, he might find new adventures just around the corner. After all, Cleaveriver seems to need aid and help during their trying times...
Current Status
Camping outside of Cleaveriver
Current Location
Year of Birth
2541 V.D. 2 Years old
Dark brown and friendly
Long black, kept braided and in a "tail"
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Long brown fur
2,11 meters
130 kg
Aligned Organization

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