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Prince of Nekuram Issra

It is not a betrayal of him. It is for the better that he does not become our king.
— Arthon
A prince of Nekuram that once was the crown prince and the next to become King of Nekuram. Issra is the son of the late demon king that died a few years ago. After the kings death Issra was supposed to take the throne but instead his cousin, Ricus accended the throne instead when the Regent of Nekuram Arthon convinced the council to allow Ricus to become king, breaking the succession order. Issra has always shown little interest in the court life inside The Palace of Nekuram and showed much less when he lost the title of crown prince. It is said that he has resentment over the decision but as he has few friends and acquaintances overall, his true feelings are known only by very few.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Issra is known to be fit and strong but not as agile as his cousin Ricus. He is tall and broad-shouldered, towering over other Demons with his two meters of height. He has many scars over his upper body from when he was younger and had his adventures outside of the palace and inside the palace grounds.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Young years

Issra was born the son of the Late King of Nekuram. As the firstborn of the king, he was welcomed with open arms into the world by two parents that loved him. Even if they had little time for him, when they were there, the earnest love they gave was strong. Immidetly when he was born he was given the title of the crown prince of Nekuram and his education started to mould him into a leader and strong warrior. Growing up, he showed little interest in books or education beyond fighting with both his instructors and his peers. He would also later have a younger sister, Iris, and a cousin, Ricus, join him in life at in the Palace of Nekuram, Angedurn.
But it was in this early stages of life his personality began to show. He was cruel to others, more than any normal child, and even to adults, showing of a strong "independent" side as he would be diagnosed with. Despite their best efforts, his parents were incapable to mend his ways. By the time he was ten, the crown prince was a known force of destruction with lashing out, fits of anger and haughty laughter at the sign of resistance from others. It was also this time his magical aptitude was tested for real and the shock of having little aptitude might have been a slap to his face. Even with training together with the Exilos, he showed only forceful strength and little mindset for magic.
Feeble, you will become nothing even with all that strength...
— Exilos Issdar
Around this time, the late king came back the the palace with someone new; a half-demon child called Arthon. Issra was eleven at this time and looked upon the younger boy with loveful eyes. Many loathed Arthon's presence in the palace but Issra, Ricus and Iris took him in as one of them.
Even if Issra was known to be mean, he did not show that same hostility to Arthon. Instead many would say that he and Arthon created a friendship over time. Arthon might even have been a betterment for Issra as he showed something more comparable to compassion to others. Their time together shortened as Arthon had shown promise to be a strong magic user and thus was, instead of Issra, taught by the Exilos. Issra, however, started more and more to show a lack of interest in court life and rather be social with like-minded individuals. It was like this until the first problems began to show.

Late years and the present

Issra's mind had always been problematic but a he now grew into his 20s, he showed more lack of compassion and had enjoyment in being hurtful to others. He began to roam the castles and palaces more often than participating in his duties and lashed out with violence at servants for daring to speak to him. An important event happened in 2537 when Issra had seen "ghosts of the castle" that were going to kill him, forcing his cousin Ricus to fight him and knocking him down. He had at that point almost killed three servants and wounded many of the The Royal Nekuraith Guard. Issras qualities to lead the country were in question even by his family as these episodes of insanity switched with constant bluntness, heartless and disturbing ways that Issra has. Many hoped that this was only temporary, due to some unknown disease that had afflicted him and that in due time he would be fit to become king.
His father, the late king of Nekuram, still loved his son until the end and hoped that he would become a man fit to take the throne. But as the time came for his death in 2539, Issra showed no visible change. As the crown prince was to take the throne, a hindrance appeared. Arthon, his childhood friend and one of the late king's close advisors, presented the king's will to the council and appealed to the that Issra should not become the next king. Instead, he presented Ricus as the better alternative. Ricus, as opposed to Issra, showed a much greater ability to lead and foremost had a sane mind. Diverting from the succession was controversial since it had seldom happened. But despite harsh debates and arguments thrown in both candidates' favour and disfavour, Issra lost the crown and instead, Ricus became King of the Necur and King of Nekuram.
Even since Issra has had his periods of problems but none too bad for him that his family have had to intervene. At the present, Issra seems content at home togheter with his sister by his side. As she has taken the foremost position as an advisor instead of Issra, he spends a lot of time in the palace doing what he wants.
I have a good life here where no one tells me what to do. I don't have to do much of anything if I like! Bah, I don't care about what Ricu och Arth does as long as I am not affected by their "policies" and "rules". Anyway I see it, I don't care.
— Issra


Social Aptitude

The most known feature of Issra is his little talk about social aptitude. While boastful and charismatic in many ways with an ego larger than many former kings, many feel uncomfortable around him. He has little regard for others' feelings and manners most notably ignoring the nobility's styling and titles when he speaks out. He has always been loud in his actions and speech where he is rather "playful" towards others, sarcastic remarks and seems to take little seriousness to others.
Current Status
Living his life at his home
Date of Birth
Late winter 2511
Year of Birth
2513 V.D. 30 Years old
Current Residence
Dark black, large and fully open
Dark purple, long straight hair that is well cared for at times
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark brown
2,0 Meters
Aligned Organization

Court Whispers

Issra is not active in most of the duties as a prince of Nekuram. After Arthon's "coup" there have been some who have attempted to coerce Issras feelings out of him, making him rebellious against Ricus' rule. It has shown... little success and those who have tried either have been killed on Arthon's orders or been dealt with in other ways.
As no one can truly figure out Issra, only his sister Iris seems to be able to truly connect to him after all that has happened to him. Some have suggested that she is secretly hoping that she can reach the sanity and the well-suited Issra that might hide inside, that existed a time long ago when they were young. So far... no one has seen any change, beyond that the outbursts are less intense and less frequent.

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