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The Royal Nekuraith Guard

There are only tales for us on the outside to explore of the Nekurraith, the Royal Guards of Nekuram's royalty. Their purple and burnt orange uniform send terrors in Nekuram as they are good at their job in protecting and serving their masters. A whole regiment of 500 exists of them, the strongest and most experienced are clad in the best armour with the best swords and glaives for the Dark Lord. Facing them is no simple task, but it is their job to be fear itself on the battlefield.
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
The Royal Nekuraith Guards or Nekurraith for short are the foremost soldiers to the King of Necur, the King of Nekuram. According to what is known of them they are picked from experienced and hardworking soldiers that have no will for prestige or bloodlust. They are needed to be among the most disciplined of soldiers on the battlefield and not seek glory or the death of others, nor can they dissuade themselves from fighting against any foe. Some amongst them are trained orphans that are picked from the age of twelve or even offered nobility children. These train all their lives and from that moment to become part of the Nekurraith.


While only the exact numbers are known in Nekuram and probably only by the army and the royal family, there is an estimate of 500 royal guards. Most act as protectors in and around the resident of the king, usually up to 50 at a time. During campaigns when parts of the royal family are in the field, the same number of 50 guards are assigned to the member. Only close relatives, one generation back in the family hierarchy, is allowed these guards and the amount can vary depending on their status and importance.


In ways of defence, many are cladded in heavy protective armour made out of black iron and steel. Durulir is rare amongst the guards and is instead used by others, like the royal family themselves. The black iron is pigmented with purple to create the distance colour they carry with the burnt orange/yellow coloured cloth they have in other places, around the arms, legs and under the padding under the armour. Every guard carries their own supply but is allowed to have one carrier per ten men for survival supplies of food and water.


Aside from the armour, the weapons that the Nekurraith carry are not special. Many use swords and shields or the glaive in battle when on foot. When on horseback they are more than likely to use the glaive in battle for the reach combined with their shield.

Glavies by Wendelin Boeheim

Security/Heavy Shock Infantry
Assumed Veterancy
Training Level
Veteran Elites
Used by
Nekuram {English} 
Related Rank
King of Nekuram

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1 Aug, 2021 01:00

Did I read this correctly, 50 guards per royal member? That’s some dedication to security! I really like the hardworking and experienced qualities with no desire for fame or need to kill. Humbleness makes for the best of defenders.

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19 Aug, 2021 15:24

When you think about it, 50 guards is a lot! Then again, the Royal family only extends mostly to does that are designated heirs, close relatives (one step from the king, so not cousins most of the time or nephews/nieces), someone personally designated by the king and if at all, the Regent of Nekuram. With what Nekuram was in the past there was a need, now it is more a show of power and display of who is the ruler and who rules.   And maybe a bit of threatening display to the Council of Nekuram too, so they don't have any... funny ideas...

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