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The Three City-states

They are perhaps the only ones thriving in Marlun. But their internal strife hinders them from ever becoming a threat or interest for The Council of Four Kings or Nekuram.
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
The Three City-states are located in western Marlun. Avindom, Fynkil and Elmlei have been found here for 500 years and built by different peoples from Telamirein, escaping The War for Marlun, finding new homes or trying their luck away from known pastures. The three cities have continuously been avoided by the warring factions due to their location in the western part of Marlun and the fact that they gather together despite their dismay with each other. The fact is, the three cities have a hatred for each other. No one on the outside knows why each of them hates the other. Answers range from both serious and mildly comical to outsiders.
Independent Cities
Alternative Names
The Three Cities, Confederacy of Merchants
Depending on city origin
Leader Title
Government System
Two Merchant Republics and one Council republic
Power Structure
Economic System
Mints, silver and gold coins, are uniquely minted in each city.
Official State Religion
Pluro-religious, all three have dedicated temples to Orios, Rhyn and Askersound.
Official Languages
Marluni {western plains dialect}
Controlled Territories
The Three Plains
Regio River
Old Thun'eim

Neutrality Pact

Both sides have agreed on staying outside of each others buisnesses until The War for Marlun has been resolved. Signed by The current King of Nekuram and Regent of Nekuram for Nekuram and one each for the city-states.


The Council of Four Kings have shown little interest even in the peaceful periods of The War for Marlun. The City-states have recoiled and fought back attempts from The Council of Four Kings to gain influence in the past, which may still have lingering effects in both sides' memories.

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