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Halls of the Aiders

Ever heard of the Sheerfs? From what I know of them, they are similar to healers and doctors. Unlike doctors, however, they don't demand fees that would ruin a man or woman's life, except if you are of nobility or higher standing than them. They came about in the most unlikely circumstances in their, the Demon's, capital where a few poor demons gathered together to learn how to help others but were refused by teachers due to their standing. They then stole a medical tome, learned how to read it in a few months, and later went out to learn of the plants, herbs, salves and whatever they could in five years before returning to create the Halls of the Aiders in the capital from a ruined hall after a fire. These Sheerfs call the Halls their home, their local of healers and aids and seemed determined to help others.
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
While not several halls but one, the newly formed Sheerfs rebuilt the large, abandoned and burnt down warehouse and store known as Determined's End. Located in the capital of Nekuram, the Halls of the Aiders became over time a local and meeting refuge for people who needed aid from disease and sickness, while also offering some hospitality to wanderers and those without a home in exchange for monetary aid, goods or work.
The Aiders Halls, as it sees to be called locally, has a grand interior with a small reception area once one enters. Here the lightly wounded and sick can be directed to a ward where a specialist Sheerf is managing over several priests or assistants that work with specific cases. More dangerous conditions, like the feared Grey Cough, Serverius or the Red Warmth Plauge is instead taken to another room, the Plaughe Ward, through side doors where these more infectious and deadly diseases is either contained, or if rumours are true, killed and burnt.

Purpose / Function

From having been the warehouse of a transporting company and herbalist storage and store, the building changes its purpose radically. It once served people for transportation across long distances, temporary lodging and housing of equipment and wares, giving the physicians and healers in the capital a source for plats across Nekuram and housing a family of six on a second floor. The change came about when it all burned down except for the outer stone walls, some pillars and taking the family of six, the older brother that owned the transporting company and twelve other people into Krakos embrace. Scavengers took what was left and the ruins stood for five years.
When the Sheerfs built the Halls of the Aiders, the plan was to make mending and medicine more readily available to the poorer quarters that was left out of the more expensive practitioners. While not offering free service like the Nilarian nuns that Humans have, they accepted payment through various means. This has affected the building itself as more and more space was needed over time. With new discoveries from both within and outside the Halls, new wards were created.


At present time the old, grey stone building has one large room where a reception with wards separated by temporary wooden constructions. Other rooms do exist but are especially separated with thicker stone walls and strong iron doors that only the Sheerfs themselves are allowed to pass through to the Plague wards and experimental ward. The second-floor house the Sheerfs themselves as some of them live in the large complex building.


Before the Sheerfs purchased the remains of the building, the large 300 square meter building was shared by a transporting company and a herbalist store operated by two brothers. Most of the large area was used to house equipment and the storing valuables owned by the customers of the transporting company while a minor part was the herbalist storage and store. This all burned down during an accidental fire that destroyed the house and several of the adjacent houses. it also killed both brothers and one of the brothers whole family. As no one claimed the ruins, it stood vacant and was looted over the five years. Plans on rebuilding a building for lease were made but never fulfilled.
In the middle of the year 1855, the eleven original Sheerfs returned to the capital to start their own collective practice. Things had changed over the years especially when they saw the extent of sickness and diseases in the poor quarters. Hard times had overcome in Nekuram at the time, who still had many men and women fight in The War for Marlun, the ruins of Determined's End showing for that. The Sheerfs took the ruins in their possession as part of a restoration project managed by themselves. The start was brought for the building itself as they had not all the money to use the whole lot that was owned and instead, a smaller practice was established with a smaller, add-on building for a crematory. Starting with aiding in sickness, wards were created to treat sick and wounded separately to minimise what they had seen as infections from sickness to wounds.
Over time the building became larger and larger, more and more specialised wards were created, notably the plague and experimental treatment wards in fully adjacent rooms. The cleaning fountain was established in 1986 to clean wounds and scrub the sick before procedures. A larger crematory was needed during the ravaging Grey Cough plague in 2210, which incorporated the add-on building into the plague ward. This also solved the need for heating in the cold years of 2245-2249.
Construction Date:
1655 V.D
13m X 25m (325m2)
1650 V.D
Manor house / Meeting hall

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