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The United Council's Territory of Glarn

Why does it have to be such an unconventional name? The Territory of Glarn would just suffice...
Anyway, this territory is governed by the Four Kings' Council's own Treasullor but as a matter of fact, it is led by the mayor of Glarn himself. What control they have, however, is lacking. Taxation and governance in villages beyond the south and southeast are minor at best with each of them taking more care of themselves than Glarn of them. At the same time, they would not survive without Glarn and several do recognize that fact for it. Perhaps one could see it as a zone of influence? I don't know, I care only to write down about it.
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
Marlun is left to govern itself more or less alone but it is in fact governed by The United Kings Council through the effort that is The United Council's Territory of Glarn. The territory was created as the risk for conflict amongst the countries of Humanity rose when they needed to reach a decision on who was supposed to rule Marlun. Letting one country claim the potential riches and lands that Marlun contained was too much of a risk. Even the thought of allowing a new country to form was too much. The only country with a land connection to Marlun, Leonerd, did form the proposal for a pan-national organisation of the territory, which became The United Council's Territory of Glarn.
The territory is led by the The Treasullor of the United Council and it is he who claim the taxes and wealth from it. But in fact, it is mostly Mayor of Glarn who makes the most of the decisions that affect the area, except during wartime. Glarn acts as the capital for the territory and is more or less the namesake for all of the claimed territory that Humanity tries to call their own. It lacks influence, however, south beyond the Border Hills and has little claim to the west of Israk Forest. This problem is well known and Demon who emigrate from Nekuram establishes villages south or west of these borders or easily cross them to move inside to somewhat security.
Geopolitical, Province
Alternative Names
Territory of Glarn
Founding Date
1550 V.D
Head of State
The Treasullor of the United Council
Government System
Official Languages
Neigbouring Nations
Parent Organization
Controlled Territories

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