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Walls of Glarn

Ah, the safety in the vast expanse of Marlun that protects its largest town. The largest stone slabs date back to its founding and none of the stones have allowed a breach to open up in the thousand years the hostility between Humans and Demons has persisted. Age shows itself as scars but gives character... it tells us the past strife and what to prevent when the time comes.
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
Glarn has been the frontier for many Humans and Demons and the key to hold Marlun from the other. Over the years the single obstacle that has been standing in the way of Nekuram's conquest is the town walls. The Walls of Glarn encompass the whole town and have done so for as long as people can remember. It was built upon the remains of the first walls of Glarn that were razed during the first invasion by Nekuram. The walls were purposely built large to allow for the town to grow and for the The Council of Four Kings' army to make an encampment inside.
Ever since the walls were built Glarn has never been in the hands of Nekuram. They stand tall, a memory to the tenacity and strenght possesed by the inhabitants over the millenia of warfare.

Purpose / Function

The walls of Glarn were built as the main defence against Nekuram during the early parts of The War for Marlun. At first, the first town built in the same location as Glarn had no walls beyond a wooden one which protected it against mainly wildlife and small skirmish parties. It was during this early stage that this town was razed and nothing was left of it as Demons marched to defeat the Human countries. As everyone knows, Nekuram was defeated and the town of Glarn was founded soon after this defeat in 1497. New walls were built, this time out of stone and encompassed a larger piece of the land to protect the farmers who built their homes. This stone wall was short-lived as Nekuram came back only three years later before again being defeated. Glarn was once again built in the same spot and walls again raised.
This time, however, the decision was made that Glarn would become the main point for a combined army to gather and the key point to protect against Nekuram. The walls were built tall by some of the best dwarven and human hands and minds to protect the inhabitants from warfare. It was also much lengthier to create an area for the army to be stationed when Nekuram would be attacking. They were careful to not build on any good soil for farming and for many years farmers were also able to have their lands inside the safety of the walls.


To prepare the town for the worst cases of sieges, the wall is built with spikes to prevent siege ladders (if one were to build a 12 meter ladder...) from being able to function effectivly. Rooms were built at the bottom to house equipment and facilities for guards and garrison to use. On the top is also internal rooms going the lenght of the wall filled with arrowslits and to storage area.
According to legend, a assembly of magic users has also engraved powerful enchantments to strenghten the stonework of the walls. While no magic user have ever felt anything magical about the wall, the minimal damage that the wall has ever taken proves the point to some.
Great Wall
Founding Date
Height: 12 meters
Length: ca. 1600 meters
Widght: 5 meters

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