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Lake Merluni

Let the water of The Lake Goddess protect your journey and give rise to new wisdom.
— A Greatboats man
The great watery body of Lake Merluni is the largest of all lakes in Telamirein and is located inside the The Theocracy of Nilari and Minrans, or Nilaminra for short. The lake has been a vital life-giver to the region since times long forgotten and along its shore, many small villages live day to day lives in peace with flourishing fishing- and clam trade. The lake has in history been a contested site on all of its shores. The most notable and recent example of this is the ruins of the old Telar town Derwennion that still hunt the southern shore and inlet since it was destroyed by Nilaminran forces.
The name Merluni comes from the local Goddess of the Lake and Life, Merluni. Her worship has been tolerated by Nilaminra for some time despite their otherwise intolerance to foreign cults and worship.


Lake Merluni is a large body of water that have some smaller islands dotted on the coast to the southwest and the large, mysterious Mist Island in the centre. No one known in history, except maybe Valen himself, have ever visited the island and it is forever shrouded in mist, even seemingly disappearing from sight completely some days. The Karakers has called the island an alternative name Voile which is where the Nilander word for obscure, and mist, comes from. The water is known to be a cool, transparent blue during the day and later become a deep royal blue during the nights. In the summer though, the deep blue turns purple-redish for unknown reasons.
The lake receives water from all the mountains surrounding Telamirein, from the far eastern mountains beyond Orfordwhelm, the much closer southern mountain and the cold northern mountains that cools the lake during the summers. The outlet for the lake is the Red Reign River which flows out to the seas and goes by the Renvaren capital.

Flora and Fauna

There is plenty of fish and clams in the lake by nature. People have lived off the lake for generations at a time even with war around them and other mysterious incidents. To the east, there is a flourishing clam industry on both sides of the Vieavon which both harvests pearls and the clamshells for pigmentations. This is where most of the blue dyes for the Priestesshood of Nilari comes from. Fishing occurs all over the lake but most prominently it is done in the south and up all the rivers, except close to the Boueuse Morté.
The plains of Minrans and Berrens
Karta som visar Nilaminras slättland och staten Telaron, Minrans. I neder delen i söder syns Den Gråa Vägen gå igenom Berren.
A map presenting the plains of Nilaminras and the state of Telaron, Minrans. In the lower part to the south is the Grey Road going through Berren.
Alternative Names
The Livlake (Orfordian name)
The Bluepearl (Telar name)
Primary Outflow
Red Reign River
Primary Inflow
Surface Area
10,000 km2
Average Depth
300-400 meters
Deepest Depth
500-600 meters

Mysteries in the waters

The lake is one of the most notable features in all of Telamirein, its natural beauty and wonders with the clear blue waters during the day and mystic deep blues during the night. However, there are stories of children going missing on the northwestern shores mysteriously, attributed to the lakes dark fairies or evil spirits that hide underwater. In the swamps of Boueuse Morté to the north, no one enters freely as the creatures attacks and waters are treacherous, the Hestandians coming along the river have always talked of ghosts and wandering lights in this area, which only hastens travellers to get by.
There is also the fact that the Mist Island (Voile) in the centre never have had visitors, sparking legends of mages that hide with dark magic or unknown people or species that inhabit the island, or even demons...

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