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Bathing and Nudity in Nimenra

Odd topic to write down, but it has to be fit in somewhere... Maybe combining the two can explain more?
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
Bathing is a common practice across every society. Cleanliness is an important part of everyday life since it is connected to sickness and disease. Both Human and Demon society recognizes this fact and keep bathing to a minimum of once every week. This does depend on how available water and soap is at the time but even an army in the field does their duty in cleaning themselves. But there are different practises, especially between humans and demons.

Bathing amongst Humans

Humans from Telamirein have similar bathing practices. Some do differ greatly but generally, they can be seen as uniform over the ethnic borders. The one and only practice that is uniform...
On the fifth day of the week, many choose to clean themselves and thus the name tvagday is a common name in the calendar of Erikker. This is so that one is proper before the end of a weeks work, even if light work does occur the next day, and prepared for mass prayer which usually occurs the same day (Reliona and Nilari believers). Bathing is a community practice; bathing houses run on this idée where the community have a place to wash and clean themselves. In the bathing houses, there are female attendants that aid in the cleaning. While the bathing houses are more common in larger villages and towns, even the smallest hamlet has an area where the community can bath together. Both males and females bathe together and seldom have separate areas, except for religious reasons.
Nudity among sexes is not uncommon and even accepted while bathing and cleaning oneself. There are a few other situations when nudity is allowed in this manner.

Bathing amongst Demons

On the other hand are the Demons from Nekuram. Bathing and cleaning greatly differ from each of the races and the cultures that are housed in Nekuram. A strong common thought, however, is that one's cleanliness is of great importance both physically and spiritually to ward of illness. Among the Tatarus as an example is there a common practice of cleaning oneself out in nature as the most natural instead of made bathhouses. That is why Tatarus settlements always have a freshwater spring or river section that is not enclosed, filled with nature around it. On the other hand, Necur prefers to not bathe in a public manner like Humans or Tatarus. Their bathhouse separates the sexes and many don't have attendants inside the bathing area. Establishments that are resorts or used by nobility even have private chambers for those who want to be alone.
Natrually nudity is thus a less commonly accepted manner. Even with public toilets and bathhouses like humans, demons seem less open about it overall.

Reliona and Nilari's Followers

Amongst followers of both Reliona and Nilari, nudity is something to avoid and is deeply dependent on one's status.
Virgin followers of Reliona should strive to avoid nudity even among the same sex. Reliona is a very private Goddess in this respect and hides Her body in armour and cloth ever since what She had to do in order to save Her Brother. Those that have lost their virginity usually still follow the avoidance, but less so among their own sex and family. The Priestesshood of Reliona in Nilaminra have strict codes when it comes to bathing, where special attendants are trained to avoid using their gaze on the body of their sisters. The Order of the Holy Relinnias follows the Priestesshood's code and stricture but with the added difference that sister-knights are allowed to show themselves nude to each other.
Nilari's followers have rules and codes that they strive after when it comes to bathing and nudity. The Goddess prefers for Her followers to bathe alone or with a "grace" so that to not attract attention to one's body. Using a bathhouse separating sexes is preferred as well. Many followers hide their privates with a piece of cloth when they do bathe in the bathhouses. This cloth usually is white to symbolise purity.

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This was odd to write but interesting. I am still not sure if I got a clear distinction myself yet on how I want this to be done. As for now, I don't really know if this should be considered 18+? Comment to tell me in that case!

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