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The Dangers of Magic

So you want to know the dangers of magical use? Well... I have several stories to tell you then.
— Kirke Durardsson to Everam, the Teller of Nimenra
Magic is regulated in several of the countries in Telamirein. This is due to the fact that magic can be very dangerous in the hands of anyone with the capability of using it. While the majority of Humans have little affinity to magic, that affinity can still be enough for an untrained person to accidentally cause large scale damage to people and the environment around them. The danger can be as small as shocks going through the fingertip or body to the explosions, earth-shaking and rampaging water consequences that unintentionally destroy buildings, kill people or create other permanent marks on the world.

Magical use and unintended consequences

Mages and wizards across Telamirein all start to experiment with their gift of magic in their young years. Of course, curiosity can be unsafe but few, if not uniquely so, have the ability to cause harm around themselves when they are thirteen. Parents and other adults do have their eyes on youths, especially the ones capable of magic. It is during these years of exploration, however, that the dangers become obvious. Moving a small amount of earth is one thing that can lead to exhaustion quite quickly for the untrained and unguided. Dropping a handful of earth at the wrong time might sting in the eyes, dropping a palm-sized fire can lead to burned down houses.
What I want to remark is that small fires usually are quickly exhausted by air alone, it is just an example of how playful trying can be... harmful. I for one partly lost sight in the right eye because of experimentation, hence the eyeglasses I wear.
— Kirke Durardsson
What type of magic affinity a Human has also led to different consequences. Fire magic is always dangerous but unlike what many believe also leads most users to respect magic in a whole different way than for example a water mage. On the topic of water magic, it can be seen as perhaps the most harmless for a chile to practise with. Then again, water is a vital resource that can be tainted by magic too. Unintentaly thinking a child cleared the water with magic while it instead just turned clear for other reasons can be deadly.
Late stages of magical use can also be less and more dangerous. Mages in the Kingdom of Ravero are heavily regulated for this reason since a small show of sparks might suddenly become an unintended explosion in the palm of one's hand. While control grows with experience and effort, endurance is a key factor in many of the accidents that happen. A tired magic-user is more prone to mistakes but a fatigued one can make the correct spell, but with less control and that results in much more dire consequences.
And the dangers of being unconcentrated or otherwise fatigued is why magic is not only fun and helpful interaction when used. What non-magic users don't understand is that magic is as explored as it is unexplored. Discovering new ways to use magic is equally pleasant as frightening.
Magic was probably not intended to be used if you ask me. The forces at play can cause worrying distortions, harm, catastrophes and... yes, other consequences. I am somewhat glad that we don't have the same abilities as demons do...
— Kirke Durardsson

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