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Shadows of an ancient sin, the Ejderhakan are a relic of the old, a suave and mysterious race whose appearance often invokes fear and suspicion.
Thinblood Example
"You wizards can't see past your dusty tomes! We're not some twisted spawn; we're kin to dragons, blessed by their blood!."
"Bloodline blessings? That's absurd! Your so-called noble lineage is nothing more than a delusion! Your people are not some revered descendant of dragons. It's more likely you're the result of some dark experiment gone wrong or worse yet a damnable union with fell creatures."
"Dark experiment? Demon-spawn?! You insult my heritage! Our scales, our breath, even the fire that courses through us —it's a testament to our noble ancestry."
"Ancestry? Noble? Your romanticized version of history blinds you. These so-called traits could easily be a byproduct of magic meddling or, dare I say, a curse. Your kind is an affront to the natural order. You're not born of dragons; you're an anomaly, a deviation from the true path. No amount of scales or fiery breath changes that."
"Curse? You fear what you don't understand. Our existence predates your feeble attempts at explanation. We're not some abomination; we carry the legacy of dragons in our very essence!"
"Legacy or delusion? Your tales of grandeur are nothing more than embellished fantasies. Show me concrete evidence, not mythical tales, and then we'll talk about legacies. The truth is evident – beyond Myrükaşehir, you are seen for what you are: abominations, a violation of the natural law. No amount of fiery rhetoric can change that reality."
  Intense speculation surrounds the mysterious origins of the Ejderhakan people. Some sympathetic scholars, noting their shared draconic traits, often theorize them as holding some form of kinship with the Drakkan. Conversely, opposing views, typically rooted in religious beliefs, vehemently label them as abhorrent netherspawn.   Amidst these conflicting narratives, one singular, incontrovertible truth remains unchallenged: beyond the boundaries of their ancestral seat of Myrükaşehir, the other ancestries of Evalaw are either oblivious or indifferent to the debated of their lineage. Often sunned and branded foul blooded abominations of the natural law. While many Ejderhakan may struggle to assert their identity against such prejudice, others choose embrace their legacy. Because of their circumstances, this unbreakable determination has led to them becoming a very adaptable and resourceful people.


Since time immemorial, there has been much speculation regarding the origins of this enigmatic people and where they truly came from. Among the elder races, there are rumours and half-remembered legends surrounding the forbidden union between a wayward Drakkan lord and a naive Vanneran priestess. Indeed, due to their scaly skin and curved horns that set them apart from other ancestries, many scholars have argued the Ejderhakan to be the progeny of dragons. Meanwhile religious theologians vehemently claim the Ejderhakan to be some form of netherspawn, sired during blasphemous rites between mortals and abhorrent fiends. Whatever the truth, it is largely lost in the annals of time and left to the imagination, only the eldest among the Ejderhakan may know the truth.  
More learned members of Evalawian societies do not bend to the liturgical superstitions preachers spread concerning the Ejderhakan. Numerous academics and theologians have ruminated over the appearance of the Ejderhakan over the centuries and Ancient Drakkan Myths surrounding the banished Drakkan Prince Aellios beliving them to hold some truth.
The first recorded sightings of the Ejderhakan appear in ancient Dwarin accounts of the late Myrathic period. This encounter was prior to the upheaval of the Ghoryn'aetyn and collapse of Ancient Dwarin society, so is remarkable that this account survived at all. Between the ending of the Myrathic period and the dawning centuries of the first age more evidence of the Ejderhakan appears in Dwarin and Dvergar accounts and remembrances found within ruins and upon artifacts by archaeologists. Similar imagery can be found in Aelfier societies of the Myrathic period, frescos and tomb paintings depict visitors resembling the outline of the Ejderhakan. Many scholars have dismissed such claims, put this down to the Drakkan's ability to assume a humanoid form. However there has been much speculation in this theory due to the Drakkan's centuries long isolation in the aftermath of The Cadence, with many of these appearances occurring shortly after.
By the beginning of the third age the Ejderhakan would become more commonplace in the underworld with the sudden expansion of their empire throughout The Sunless Realms. Often seen scouting the great underways and forgotten paths, raiding Dvergar strongholds or driving caravans of goods to trade with the emergent powers in the underworld. Their presence became so commonplace that many cultures of The Sunless Realms adapted to their presence, with large communities of Ejderhakan settling among the different underworld societies. Their presence on the overworld would remain limited due to the prejudices and religious dogmas held toward their kind, however small enclaves are rumoured to exist.


Distinguished by their defining physical features of semi-slitted pupils, horns and prehensile tails, Ejderhakan individuals exhibit a colourful spectrum of physiological variations. Among these anomalies are documented occurrences of scute patches on their skin, clawed hands and/or feet, an evolved elementally-imbued crop, a forked enlongated, prehensile tongue, and canines that may be enlarged or multiplied.   Characterized by lithe frames, they generally stand within the range of 5 to 7 feet (152 to 213 cm) and boast weights spanning from 180 to 260 pounds (82 to 118 kg).   Their bodies are famously resilient, capable of enduring harsh environments that would otherwise be reserved for elemental denizens, and they often possess heightened reflexes and senses. Notably, their keen sense of smell stands out, allowing them to discern even the faintest trace of another being within a mile.

Iysillia Xil'shasa

Why, thank you darling. You're far too kind. As for my beauty, it's a combination of impeccable genes, a dash of charm, and, of course, a rigorous skincare regimen. But enough about me, let's talk about you. Tell me, what brings you to my delightful soirée tonight?
by Vectober

༺ Skin ༻

Celebrated for their extensive array of hues, it's noteworthy that an individual's coloration can be tied to their inherent alignment with a specific element or type of magic.


༺ Eyes ༻

Mismatch Eyes 1
Ejderhakan eyes can and do often exhibit unique variations and combinations of mutations; featuring fragmental or true heterochromia, ever-bright glowing, or captivating halo rings. The sclera consistently mirrors the iris in most commonly a deeper hue (though inverted sclera has been documented, while the pupils, reminiscent of dragon-like slits, add an intriguing touch. The spectrum of possible iris colors further enhances the mystique surrounding their captivating gaze.

༺ Horns ༻

Horns among the Ejderhakan exhibit a captivating diversity in shapes, sizes, and textures, akin to the uniqueness of fingerprints; no two pairs are identical. Typically, the hue of their horns harmonizes with their skin tone, occasionally concealed by a scuta sheath of contrasting color, although exceptions abound. Ranging from modest lengths of 6 inches (15 cm) to more imposing structures surpassing 2 feet (61 cm), these horns serve not only as distinctive physical features but also as symbolic expressions of the individual's essence and elemental attunement.
by Vectober

༺ Tails ༻

Ejderhakan tails exhibit a fascinating spectrum of variations, ranging from diminutive nubs to unexpectedly extended lengths, gracefully sweeping down to the ground. These tails, reminiscent of untamed elegance, tell tales of the creature's lineage and unique qualities.   Among the common tail variations, the Plumed variety features a tip generously adorned with hair, sometimes accompanied by a slender spine of hair running the entire length. At the tail's base, where it meets the body, a subtle tuft of fur adds a touch of intricacy.   In contrast, the Spined variation sees the tail adorned with keratinous protrusions along its length, adding both a protective and ornamental aspect. The Plated variation, on the other hand, boasts the topside or the entire tail encased in thick scute plates, lending a distinctive armor-like quality to the appendage.   A rarer trait, the Finned variation, showcases a singular spine or a set of fins formed by a delicate membrane and sinew down the length of the tail. This unique adaptation adds a sense of fluidity and grace, marking those Ejderhakan with such tails as particularly exceptional among their kind.

༺ Hair ༻

Much like their diverse skin tones, the array of hair colors and textures among the Ejderhakan is expansive, spanning from the deepest shades of ebony and sapphire to the lightest hues of pinks, blonde, and silver.   Long, flowing locks are often cultivated by Ejderhakan, a practice culturally esteemed by both Drakkans and Ejderhakan. Despite this cultural preference, hairstyles vary widely, showcasing individual tastes and cultural influences. Some individuals opt for long, flowing locks that cascade down their shoulders with an almost supernatural sheen. Others choose more intricate styles, braiding or weaving their locks into patterns that accentuate the elegant curves of their horns.   In addition to its color and style, Ejderhakan hair possesses a subtly magical quality. Strands may carry a faint shimmer or iridescence, catching the light in a way that enhances the otherworldly charm of the individual.   Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Ejderhakan hair serves a practical purpose. Its natural resilience makes it resistant to tangling and damage, ensuring that it remains immaculate. This resilience proves especially advantageous during their long lifespans, allowing them to maintain a consistently elegant appearance over the course of centuries.


Ejderhakan culture and society is well documented to be a place where egos are large and arrogance is vast.
Having ventured far beyond the boundaries of Myrükaşehir, the Ejderhakan have become a more common sight throughout the underworld and beyond. While living in relative harmony among other races, they frequently exhibit excessive pride. Unable to suppress their disdain of other cultures, believing them to be less sophisticated and elegant than their own. Known for their unique language, they have reluctantly adopted the tongue of lesser species in order to engage in business, commerce and dwell among them. Most people think their spoken language is a somewhat peculiar dialect, when speaking other tongues their rhythm is typically inaccurate with a strong accent lingering after most syllables.   Study of the arcane arts is popular among the Ejderhakan, Myrükaşehir being well known for its many libraries of arcane lore, old and new materials have been painstakingly gathered from all corners of the realms and transcribed into their own tongue. As such, strong traditions of magic and sorcery are found in most Ejderhakan communities both within and beyond their ancestral seat.   Typically a very materialistic people, coveting gold and jewels highly, and tending to wear them lavishly upon their person. Jewellery in particular is seen as an indicator of importance, often adorning their horns to emphasis success in everyday life, positions of office and power or familial bonds. Gold-capped horns typically indicate a married Ejderhakan, whilst silver ones indicate bereavement or separation, similar to wedding traditions found in other cultures.  


Look, I've heard stories from the elders about where we're supposed to come from and the like. Don't mean I've ever been there, our lot left long before I was born. Sounded like a right stuck up lot if you ask me.
  Criminals such as thieves typically have the tips of a horn sawn off to mark them out, those who commit such heinous crimes to be banished from Myrükaşehir are de-horned completely, marking them to be an exile and a traitor.


  Many of the descendants of Edjerhakan migrants now living outside of the impossible city have only heard tale of Myrükaşehir passed down through stories form their elders, having never set foot there themselves. These enclaves of Ejderhakan culture are typically known for creating a bright and vibrant districts whenever they settle. There are numerous communities spread widely across all the planes of Evalaw, each adopting their own ethnic identify, that combines the traditions and beliefs that have been handed down through generations with the local customs and practices of the societies they have settle amongst into a unique amalgamation. Those that have remained within Myrükaşehir steadfast in its culture, view those wayward individuals who have abandon their ancestral seat and adopted the customs of barbarians as undesirables.  



༺ Ejderhakan Names ༻

Nanming amongst the Ejderhakan adheres to a meticulously tabular system, weaving a narrative that solidifies the profound connection to familial lineage and societal standing.   A title or titles stand as the inaugural component of their name, forging a declaration of their societal roles or notable achievements. For instance, "Sayın" or "Hanim" finds resonance within the illustrious courts of the Imperial palace. Following this, the individual's personal name takes the stage, a proclamation of their distinct identity. The third facet of this elaborate naming convention weaves together the name of the individual's parent and their house, encapsulating the familial bonds that tightly bind.   In the case of daughters, the term "kizyr" serves as a poignant link connecting their names with that of their mothers, placing emphasis on the maternal lineage. Conversely, sons find identification through their fathers, echoing a patriarchal tradition, unless their mothers bask in greater prominence and favor. The term "Kizyn" intricately intertwines a son's name with that of his father, fortifying the paternal connection. It is important to note that daughters are always identified in relation to their mothers linking their names. Sons are identified in relation to their fathers, unless their mothers are more well known and liked.   The weighty term "üyesi" serves as a unifying force, connecting a person's name and their parent's name to the esteemed family name, bequeathing an enduring legacy upon the individual. This unifying element transcends personal identity, enveloping a broader familial context.

Common Names (Female):

Abiya, Adiva , Aynî, Aynişah, Ara, Asfora, Baraka, Bitisib, Beste, Bülbül, Catahra, Derya, Durpaşa, Ese, Fadila, Farija, Gevheri, Gülahmer, Hala, Hiristiniye, Hürrem, lamar, Ilisabek, İlaldi, İlkay, Kadila, Kamerşah, Kösem, Laleruh, Mahidevran, Mahpeyker, Meleki, Meriel, Meret, Mihri, Munaa, Nada, Nefes, Nehmetawy, Nureh, Öykü, Özge, Paphnutia, Rabi, Sabah, Saida, Samar, Samiye, Sarsora, Şebsefa, Şehla, Shunnari, Tarub, Tanoute, Thuravya, Zeyni, and Zenobia.

Common Names (Male):

Aariz, Abadir, Abbakar, Abon, Aken, Amoun, Amasis, Amenophis, Anhur, Asraf, Besada, Butrys, Chakir, Chibale, Daud, Drayhim, Dhahran, Eajaz Elyès, Eldin, Ekram, Enayat, Fahd, Fadli, Faruk, Farès, Ghaffar, Ghanim, Girgis, Harun, Harsiese, Hasherin, Imoúthēs, Jabal, Jafar, Kadar, Kalil, Kharyi, Khail, Malik, Menkaure, Meriiti, Muham, Nadim, Nehebkau, Nur, Païsios, Psote, Rahimat, Saibh, Sarsor, Sarjoun, Senbi, Sidhom, Suliman, Sudur, Tahyr, Tanios, Usayd, Usire, Waliyuddin, Yehiya, Youakim, and Yusuf.
An illustrative example of this naming convention might unfold as follows: "Hanim Yıldız kızyr üyesi Badem." Is a lady (Hanim) and the daughter of the Badem family.
  Even amidst this intricate societal structure, slaves maintain a semblance of personal identity, often retaining their original names. However, to denote their affiliation, the name of the owning family or person is affixed to their own, marked by the solemn inclusion of the term "özen," emphasizing their connection to a larger social framework.  
and while most Ejderhakan living within Myrükaşehir adhere to this naming tradition, deviations exist for various reasons. Further, an individual may deviate from the naming convention when seeking anonymity, adopting a false name. A final cause for apparent inconsistencies stems from estrangement from one's parents or family. In such instances, individuals may opt for their personal name coupled with just the family name or adopt the name of their birthplace or residence, linked to their personal name with a word denoting "From" or "Of."
"It is the innate anserine nature of lesser species that hinders their ability to accurately recall names with more than three syllables! Even the act of retelling of tales longer than a minute cannot be completed without serious error."
— Drakkan Scholar
Endearing Diminutives.


An affectionate Drakkan diminutive often added to names to express endearment. For instance, Zehra Ciçi, conveying she with a gentle and charming demeanor.


A term of endearment, used as to evoke a sense of warmth and familiarity. As in Avni Daşça.
Prefixes and Suffixes.


An honorific, often used as a prefix, signifing great respect and nobility. For example, Beyalp, denoting an individual who comes from a bloodline of esteemed lineage.


Most often employed as a suffix, particularly for female names. For instance, Selcukhanim, reflecting an individual with a regal demeanor.


A prefix symbolizing strength. Arvahan, for instance, conveys an individual with inherent power or presence.


Used as a prefix to denote an individual with exceptional qualities or destined for greatness. Yıldızmirza, for instance, suggests an individual who is an inspiration to others.

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