The Chronicles of Evalaw

The Third Age; 5226 TW.

A world under the sun and the other that has none.

Welcome weary Traveller, to Evalaw. A vibrant and mystical realm, teeming with magic and wonderment. Yet tale heed, for all its splendour Evalaw is a dying world, choked by the ancient evil that festers deep in its heart, corrupting much that was once pure and good. The once diligent Gods that once defended it from darkness, are now too embroiled in bitter rivalries and their own machinations to save the realm from the final calamity that threatens to engulf it. Despite the seemingly hopeless plight this land faces, though broken, it still holds a glimmer of promise that could lead to its salvation. For its people, could still steer the course of fate and save it from the jaws of oblivion, just as easily as they could be tempted to seal the worlds fate forever. Such feats of infamy and heroism by such intrepid souls, are recorded in these chronicles for all time.   The world stretches from the enchanted isles of Lorthwyn, the lands of the Aelfaune, to the Squabbling kingdoms of men, fighting over a dead emperors throne. To the Ancient Dwarf holds and misty woodland realms and sacred groves of the Ebonwood or the vast burning deserts of Olrisett and the desolate Badlands to the east. These lands were once shaped and ruled by the gods in bygone ages. Now only the mortal races reign here, and the voices of the divine are nothing but a long forgotten memory.   Then there are the deep place below Evalaws surface, in a different world they call the Sunless Realm. A land formed by mad gods, and fell magic, cast under a shroud of eternal night. It's thick tendrils spread far and wide, suffocate everything they touch. A place where foul abominations lurk, and unspeakable horrors call home. A land that the light shunned, banishing the wicked and the accursed into its murky depths for all time.