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Cold, frigid, far and high... These lands are not for the weak to live in. Dangers lurk at every corner if it so is the winds and nature or its inhabitants and bests...
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
Far north in Telamirein there is a place where the cold prevails over all eventually. Yet there are people who live in Jorvemland, surviving and sometimes even thriving in these harsh environments that the mountainous terrain hides. Jorvemland is known to be the "Fridig North" by the people that live closer to the mountains than many others, the civilised people that is. The name Jorvemland is what its people call it and by the people in the Kingdom of Ravero since the frequent "Jorv" or cold winds, flow down from the mountains.

Geography and Ecosystem

Along its southern edge, Jorvemland has a large mountainous chain of hillsides and large peaks. This acts as a barrier to the northern side of these mountains, where fjords and small plains exist where people like the Jorvikans live. Mainly hillsides and fjords cover these areas and snow is a frequent occurrence far into the spring and early summer. Small frozen lakes can be found among the tops and middlelands which flows down both sides, many of which flow southward and into the rest of Telamirein. Plants like flowers in the region are hardy, doesn't bloom for long and neither do the trees that are known for being among the hardest woods in all of Nimenra. The plants that grow are well used by the Jorvikans and animals and makes the climate livable for the ones who dare to fight the region.

Lands of the Disappeard

The hostile geography makes Jorvemland mostly an unexplored, mysterious and frightful region for outsiders. Large bands of people have disappeared without any clues left by them, not that anyone wants to search. Most notably is a large group of Dwarves that left The Dwarven Kingdom after the The Great Quakes and never were heard from again. Dwarves are stubborn and hardier than Humans but it seems like they were claimed just as easily or perhaps they have founded an isolated hold...
Parent Location
Rulers/Owning Organisation
Local Rulerships of Jorvikans
Alternative Names
The Fridig North
Orios' Wallhem (Orfordian name)

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Natural Resources

Prospectors daring enough to go into these lands and survived come back most of the time with metals and strange plants. As it would happen the hills and mountains are probably filled with unprospected and untouched veins of iron and other usable ores. While small scale production exists by Joevikans, or thought to be at least, the mountains are large and hide every trace of its valuables. Some small Renvaren and Wanerian settlements do exist in the lowland hills that border the larger and dangerous region. Raids by Jorvikans make progress slow but some profit has been made from the settlements in iron and gemstones. Plants, like Snow Liley, come from the region and with their mysterious properties still explored and not fully understood, schoolers try to find people who brave and take back samples from the region.

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