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Slave labour [English]

Slavery is frowned upon by both Humans and Demons of Nimenra. But there are still those of them that still practise this under the very eyes that find it a horrible practice.
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
  Finding the moral and legal grounds to own another man or woman within nations of Telamirein is hard. Even more evident is that none of the Eight Pantheons supports the endeavour, except for the God Orios who has some warriors that he "owns". While slavery is a real threat for some, others don't have that fear due to where they live. The northern parts of Telamirein are therefor always a place where the dangers of kidnapping and enslavement are real and a reality of everyday life living on the frontier of civilization.



To the north of what is called the civilised parts of Telamirein are the mountainous and hilly regions called Jorvemland. There is still tribal societies and small kingdoms that constantly shifts and fights amongst themselves ever since the fall of Rovvik in the western part of the lands. Some still find the time to go on raids into the northern parts of Telamirein where they take people as forced labour, called slaves or the "Verts". They do much manual labour for the people in the north, some even are conscripted to become warrior bands. For females that do not fit these work, the become concubines or second wives to warriors and rich folks.

Social Status

They are traditionally seen as among the lower parts of society but some tribes in the north-east have developed a practice to see them as valuable artefacts, still used but priced. When, and if, they become old in these tribes they are seen as venerable, used as teachers and even given their own slaves. Yet still, other tribes see them as no more than labourers and the value in them is that they should be feed, given sleep and work.
Slavery is banned in most countries of Telamirein. Some of the north have not legally enforced any laws against it but it is so uncommon and rare that having slaves or forced labour is frowned upon. One special case is Orfordhwelm, who does not practise slavery but has a thane system or warriors, which by other countries are seen as slavery. These are fighters and warriors that have given up their freedom in exchange for becaoming a permenent part of a lord-chiefs army.


For several thousands of years, slavery was a practice by many of the people living on Nimenra and both humans and demons used them as workers and warriors. During the Jorvik age, there was turmoil and slavery was common for the humans in Telamirein and during peace treaties, there were many times that slaves were taken from the losing side. Overtime slavery became less and less frequent as countries formed and free labour became more and more available. Even if free workers were good, a willing worker was better as they worked and took more care of themselves and was more capable of making better products.
Among the first countries to ban slavery was the Kingdom of Hestandi, but it was during the reign of the First Nini in Nilaminra that enforcement of the law was taken in full effect after the wars with Rovvik and Kyrkas, both that practised slavery and used slaves in warfare. As the Goddess Nilari saw owning another and forcing them to do awful deeds as a crime and a sign of horrible moral, Nilaminra became the first to completely remove slavery in law, even if the practice had died out over at least 100 years ago.
The second larger country to remove slavery was Telaron. And more recently, about 111 years ago, the King of Ravero outlawed slavery and ownership of others through forced means. as it was the same with Nilaminra, Ravero had not practised slavery for several hundreds of years but not outlawed it.
Alternative Names
Quen, Verts
Forced Labour

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