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The Nini

In all Her infallibility, Her ladyship the Nini serves all of Nilari and Reliona's followers.
The Nini will protect them, shield them and aid those in desperate need.
The Nini is our beacon, our ruler and leader of all, our guide and stalwart saviour.
The Nini shall communicate the Goddess' will, for the Lady is Their chosen servant.
In all Her abilities, Her ladyship's stewardship, benevolence and mind shall serve the people's belief in Nilari and Reliona, for they are our Goddess, our Ladies, our Saviours.
— From the Designation of Nini
A king or queen most of the time is blessed by the Gods through their clergy. For The Nini they are not only blessed, they are chosen by the Goddess Nilari and Reliona as the ruler of Nilaminra, the third largest country in Telamirein. Unlike the other rulers, however, the Nini rules with the absolute authority of the Goddess and is the highest representative in the Nilaminran Church. Nilaminra is thus a theocracy, and the Nini rule is considered one of the closest to any of the Gods in the The Eight Pantheons.

Chosen by Nilari and Reliona

The Nini rules in the name of two Goddesses, Nilari, Goddess of Peace and Love, and Reliona, Goddess of War and Wisdom. She is able to communicate with these two through prayer and service shown by Her rulership over Nilaminra. Many look up to Her for She is said to be the closest to these goddesses. She is entrusted to rule Nilaminra in the best way possible and guide believers and followers towards betterment. She does not rule alone, however, as She has her Chosen of Nilari and Nilaminra's Council to aid in her duties. One important non-rulership responsibility that the Nini have is the service in the capital's Lavinra Cathedral once every week.
Appointment of a new Nini happens only after the current one dies, as Nilari chooses a new girl from the many that exist in the country. When she is found, she is immediately taken away to the capital Astria where she goes through studies to become a great ruler like her predecessors. Depending on her abilities, as every Nini is still Her own being, it takes anywhere from five to ten years for the Chosen of Nilari and other higher clergy to prepare the new Nini for Her duties. Despite this, She is still the leader of Nilaminra and has the authority to execute order and law regardless of Her age.
There has been times when the current Nini choses her successor, which is very rare. This can come in the form or visions or The Nini seeing something in a young girl before her own passing. The current Nini The 36:th is one of these chosen ones.

History behind the Nini

It is a well-known history, of how Nilaminra was founded. I speculate that some pieces are missing, as they always are. But the impact The First Nini had can't be disputed.
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
Religious and Political, Beatified
Absolut (in effect)
Form of Adress
The Nini/Her Ladyship
Equates to
King-titles, such as King of Ravero
Source of Authority
The Godessess Nilari and Reliona
Length of Term
First Holder
Nini {The First}
Current Holder
The 36:th Nini
Related Organisations
The Nilarian Church
The Nilarindans
Church of Reliona
Order of the Holy Relinnias

As it remains to be seen, Nilari's choices in young ladies have led the country through ups and downs... I only wait to see how long this nation stands.
— MM
The history behind the title is as much tragic as fantastical. Long ago, the Goddesses choose a girl that fought against the invaders of three countries that had fallen into ruin by the loss of leaders and the fault of Humans. The girl would become The First Nini and she would unite the broken people of the three countries, force out foreign invaders and create The Theocracy of Nilari and Minrans, shortened Nilaminra.
After these events, The First led Her nation into Her elderly days, having founded a new capital on the ashen ruins of one of the old ones. She also organised several clergies to lessen the strife between the pantheons. Many followed Her as She acted in the name of the two Goddesses that had led them to found a new, united nation. Some in the old nobility would act against The First but unsuccessfully as their powers began to dwindle with the start of a new age for the lands.

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