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Lavinra Cathedral {English}

Beautiful and unique, nothing is comparable from what was once built as a fortification for war.
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
Lavinra Cathedral, named after a former Queen of Karakand and pious saint to Reliona, is a large church dedicated to Reliona, Goddess of War, Virginity and Wisdom among many things, but these characteristics are what shines in this great structure. Beautiful artwork made out of crystals and glass is built into the old walls of the once castle structure. One of the great artworks depicting Reliona is placed high in the grand hall, called Red Lady of War, and is one of many objects pilgrims wander to see.

Purpose / Function

The former castle was known as Kraksoulie or "Sleep castle", built to be defending the surrounding areas for the Karakandiens during their nation-building stage. It was probably most noted as a great fortification in the centre of the town. During the early days, the castle was protecting the lands surrounding it and later was adapted into the main home to the royal family of Karakand. As the town grew, parts of the castle did too, like the addition of a chapel to the Gods, a second fortification rampart and towers. Eventually, the castle moved out of the centre and in the end was destroyed during the great fire that killed both the to-be-king of Karakand and the king of Hestandi.
At the present, the castle is no more after having become a shell of its former self. The skeleton of the castle remained for several years afterwards, no one claiming it until the Nini created Nilaminra. After about ten years, the remains were cleared and the rebuilding began on a large church to Reliona instead of a new castle. The shell was turned into the first rooms and halls of this grand project, the chapel, having a heroic deed and legend to it, was restored into a memorial chapel with a statue of the Hestandian king carrying the young to-be-king. Most of the purpose lies now in being a place for believers in Reliona and even Nilari to come together and pray, find peace and have faith in the world and Nilaminra.


Most of the church is made out of stone, wood has been used as beams inside the grand hall but also decorates corridors as insolation for the priestesses and travellers that stay inside. The stone are from the local hill-quarries called Ice Marble, creating a white glitter made by the hands of great masons that practised beforehand so to not make a bad work for the church.


The castle has a history to itself from the beginning as a fortification for the surrounding people who lived under a chief/lord up until it became a ruin. During the events of Isvrik's treacherous act , Karakand stood no chance, the regency council with the young king capitulated only a month into the war. After the Isvriken and Rovvien forces ravaged the country, stability was at its lowest and the common people was in a state of anger. This brought the King of Hestandi to pacify the kingdom and aid the young to-be-king.
Unfortunately, this did not come to pass, as it only increased the unrest in the capital as his forces approached. When the king arrived, the capitals citizens and neighbouring villagers rose up and begun to fight the Hestandian forces. A large fire erupted in the city due to the fighting or something else. The castle was immediately engulfed in the flames, leading the King of Hestandi to as soon as the gates opened to ride directly at the castle and going right into the keep. Not even the angered mobs could stop him. The king, and the royal family of Karakand, died in the flames. It is said that the King of Hestandi was last seen throwing himself with the young king in his arms out of a window, right into the burning chapel below, collapsing the roof. The fire was allowed to burn out, leaving a ruined skeleton in place. None of it fell over until years later when the outer walls fell outwards.
No one claimed or repaired it, leaving it like a skeleton in the damaged town for over a decade. The capital was moved over to a new town as anarchy had struck and stability was first reached in 838 V.D, seven years after the invasion. When the First Nini took over and formed Nilaminra in 845 V.D. she was unsure of what was to be done with the fallen castle. Eventually, she chooses to create the first temporary new homes before starting the construction of a new church to Reliona and Nilari.
The church has since been used traditionally as the spiritual home of the Nini whenever she is elected and attends ceremonies. Few events of note, like the Proclamation of Hereticals, has taken place within its walls.


Many pilgrims come to the cathedral at the end of their pilgrimage and nuns and monks make their way here to see the Nini make her blessings over the people during their initiation. Many want to see the artwork in windows and the paintings created over the years for either the Nini or any of the main two Goddesses of Nilaminra, Reliona and Nilari. While mainly a church to Reliona and not a Tempel of Nilari, many pilgrims consider it a place worthy due to the connection between the first Nini and her meeting with Nilari and Reliona. While limited, up to 50 travellers who visit can live in the cathedrals visitors quarters, which is located in a side building, for a fee or rather donation. Others will have to find shelter in the many inns and taverns in the city.
Founding Date
Around 550 V.D
Alternative Names
Grand Hall of Reliona, Astria Cathedral
Cathedral / Great temple
Parent Location

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