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The Dragren are a special type of military unit, more for small battles or infiltrated rather then large battles or wars. The Dragren's main weapon would be the Dakenetic Their clothing would consist of dark brown cloak, jeans and jacket. Each one made of fire resistant and very strong inflatable cloth. (see more later.) The boots would be abel to grip the ground very well and they would hold half a dozen Trantem ussualy filled with either poison or sedative.



Three Dakenetics and six Trantems. Very strong, fire resistant and inflatable clothing. The clothing is made of fabric yet a bit stronger then leather. Is anything is about to penetrate it the clothing will 'inflate and try to push the pointy thing away.


First is the Dakenetic. This is a very light and surprisingly far ranged knife. Using a button on the hilt you can propel the blade (not the hilt) almost a full mile. The same button will slowly retract it. For more information see the Dakenetic.   Next is The Trantem. This is a small wooden projectile that is too be thrown. Each side is sharp and the inside holds a vial of either poison or sedative. It cannot simply graze someone or the poison/sedative will not seep in, and no matter what it is embedded in the poison/sedative will go into the object. For more look into Trantem.   These two weopans are pretty much the only thing a Dagren will use, they are small and simple yet with a skilled wielder surprisingly effective.


The training will ussualy be rather high. You need presice aim with both the Dakenetics and the Trantems. As well as advanced training with knives and slef defence.
Dagrens are ussualy split into groups of six-twelve. They are commonly used for small battles or infiltrating the enemies base. If needed they can be used in large wars but ussualy only if things are getting really tense, but Dagrens were trained mainly for either escorting needed travel wagons holding resources or to sabatoge the enemies wagons. The Dagren are a military unit used only in the The City of Khangtan and the The kingdom of Tanronu. This is not surprising as together those two cities have the strongest military in all of Talhalian.

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