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Runic Bowman



The Demon that work with the Sin, Sandres and her sister Lillian


A quiver of specialized runic arrows as well as the Demonic Rune Bow. They do carry with them Healing Stimulates, used only for recovering the damage they might widstand.   They also on their heads goggles and eyewear that can sense motion as well as a red dot on their bow to help aim.


The main weapon that they use is the Demonic Rune Bow, but they hold a small handax incase of emergency.


They use no vehicles and are usually as sentrys and watchtowers, you won't find them on the ground unless forced on the ground.


They stick to the rooftops, watchtowers, or treelines. They have their bowstrings armed and use the motion detecting goggles to find the motion. Then quickly aim and fire, after the shot goes they notch another arrow and aim at the original spot. If they miss they fire again and reload.


The training can be brutal, dueling eachother with the bows and even shooting live targets. The members of this unit are not to be taken lightly. They are skilled snipers but exceptional at hand-to-hand combat as well.



You want money for these, Bowman! Ha! I should give you piss in exchange for you services, little one. Do not make me angry. I will not give you any money but what I can do is give a place for you bowman to train. Be gone from me and take your fucking bag of shit with ya!
— Sin of Pride, Leone "Leo"


The demons are randomly chosen from the Tar Pool and then trained to be these snipers.