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The Hollow

During the days of the Kazarian Heresy, terrifying horrors were unleashed upon the world - perhaps none more horrific than the Hollow. During the early days of the Heresy, a unit called the First Arcanists from the Volsinum army betrayed their own by detonating a mana bomb during a battle against the forces of Kazar and destroying a sizeable portion of the Volsinum forces - including, it was believed, themselves. However, some weeks later when the fighting resumed, a number of the First Arcanists reappeared, this time on Kazar's side, in a fierce and inhuman specialized fighting unit that came to be called the Hollow.   The Hollow became true terrors on the battlefield, having no care for the welfare of themselves or their fellow soldiers - and with no regard for potential collateral damage among civilian populations. Several of the worst acts of the Heresy, including the Razing of Goldentree, were conducted under their direction. At was at the aftermath of Goldentree, however, when the true horror of what the Hollow had become was realized.



The Hollow consisted of eight survivors of the First Arcanists' betrayal.


Although all the First Arcanists had been powerful magic users, each and every member was also a respected artificer well known for fusing magic and technology together in innovative creations. It was no surprise, then, when the Hollow began to deploy weapons that came to be known as arcannons. At first believed to be simple apparatuses meant to serve to extend the range of the Hollow's spells, the arcannon instead served to empower the spell by capturing the fleeing souls of the dying on the battlefield and converting that energy into arcane fuel - denying the dead their place in the afterlife. The largest such weapon was the Godslayer, empowered by the razing of Goldentree and used to brutal and deadly effect against the elven god Corellon Larethian in the aftermath of that massacre. Although the Godslayer was never again fired, it continued to be a potential threat throughout the rest of the Heresy. Fortunately, all the arcannons were believed to be destroyed in the leadup to the Godsmarch and, with the Hollow slain, the process of making more lost to time.


Reporting directly to Kazar himself, the Hollow served as an independent special forces unit of the heretic army. On the field, each was capable of acting independently of the others and were imparted with the authority to command almost any member of the army if necessary.    Within the unit, all members of the Hollow appeared to be treated equally.


The Hollow maintained a win-at-all-costs policy, laying waste to everything before - and, in the rare case of a need for retreat, behind - them. Employing powerful spells and the arcannons, they struck without mercy or regard for the lives of themselves or others.
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