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Coppercog's Catapults

When the Sparkhaven Gnomes are called to war they will rarely be found fighting on the front lines. Instead, they apply their famous gnomish ingenuity to strike at the enemy from range. All manner of war machines have been created by the engineers of Sparkhaven; from the humble steam mine to the mighty arcane cannons aboard The Paragon and even the newly created prototype rifle Lightning Slinger.   However, there is one gnomish unit of war that stands head and shoulders above the rest, metaphorically at least; Coppercog's Catapults. Invented by the leader of Sparkhaven Chief Tinkerer Marneus Coppercog himself, these catapults are rightly feared by the enemies of The Crystaline Covenant.   Using a unique blend of science and spellcraft, the large mechanical frame of the catapult flings a container of enchanted explosives hundreds of feet into the air. Once the container begins to descend it breaks apart seeding a wide area with its arcane payload.   The ammunition is usually made of rocks or small metal balls inscribed with arcane wards and glyphs, their effects are as varied as the mages who weave them and range from simple explosions to time slowing fields or clouds of deadly poison.   Though devestating on the battlefield, Coppercog's catapults is a small unit as its operation demands a large amount of technical and arcane resources to operate, but when the lines of the enemy need to be broken they can found delivering their deadly munitions into the heart of the battle.